5 Instincts Of Pawan Kalyan That Make Him Stand Unique


Prathi actor ki oka unique style untundhi. Dance aina voice modulation aina style aina. Power star mannerism gurinchi aithe cheppanavasaram le. Aa style mannerism oka night lo vacchindi kadhu ayanaku vunna craze kuda oka single night lo vacchindhi kadhu. Badri tho start aina aa meda meeda hand rub chesey style oka oopu oopindhi, endaro danni follow ayyetu chesindhi.

Let’s look at those mannerisms that make Pawan Kalyan stand unique

His Postures1 Instincts Of Pawan KalyanThe body language he adapts and gives a particular character carries some spark and quirkiness. That itself will convey a lot about how the character is going to be.

His fights2 Instincts Of Pawan Kalyan has a unique way to approach fights. Though now he is one among the lot fighting bad guys. When he entered the arena composing his own fights, it was all fresh and new. Even the fights he composed for Chiru in Daddy stands unique till date. Pssst.. we miss those fights now.

That hip shaking step3 Instincts Of Pawan KalyanAgreed, Pawan Kalyan is not a great dancer, but you make the best of what you have. His signature hip movement. He owns it!

Aahn.. aahn.. aahn!!4 Instincts Of Pawan KalyanYou just make that sound and people know you are imitating PK. With just a sound, he could do so much. That’s how you carve things to make yourself unique.

Rubbing his hand over the neck5 Instincts Of Pawan KalyanI needn’t say anything. You people know this better than me. 😉