A Unique Integrated Model Market Opens Up In Siddipet & We Need This In Hyderabad Too


General ga vegetable markets ki vellali ante konchem hesitate avtham because akkada unde dummu-dhooli, congested ga unde market stalls, full of crowd and viti anniti madhyalo manam vendors tho chese bargaining. Ee gap lo varsham padindi ante ika anthe vendors tho patu customers kuda enno problems face cheyalsi vastundi.

Siddipet gets first integrated market

Ilanti problems annitini mind lo pettukoni Siddipet lo oka unique ‘Integrated Model Market’ ni plan chesaru akkada unna government and politicians. Summer, Winter, rainy season lo open markets valla atu vegetable vendors tho patu customers face chese problems ki check pette la unique market building ki plan vesaru local MLA and Minister Harish Rao garu.

Siddipet gets first integrated market

Recent ga Minister Harish Rao inuagrate chesina ee unique Integrated Model Market building is onestop solution for all. Direct farms nundi vegetables tecchi ammukodaniki farmers ki, elanti hurdles lekunda sell chesukodaniki vegetable vendors ki and vegetables tho patu meat, grocery kuda ikkade konkunne la customers kosam ee market ni design chesaru.

Integrated Model Market Specialities:

1. With whopping 20 crores budget, market space is constructed in 6.10 acres is more like a IT building but not like regular market.

2. Market is first of its kind in Telangana, where Veg-Non, Veg, Fruits, Grocery and all other in one place.

3. With 108 stalls this integrated market is one stop market yard where we can buy Vegetables, Fruits, Chicken, Mutton, Fish, Grocery etc…etc !

Siddipet gets first integrated market

4. All vegetables, fruits, meat and other product prices will be displayed in LCD screens. Vendors are supposed to sell their products according to those prices only.

5. There will be no chance of price change in the name of quality all vendors are supposed to sell products according to market prices only. No Bargains at all.

6. Not like a previous markets where vendors and customers face hurdles in winter, summer and rainy season. Now this market space is in entire building, so there will be a no chance of rains and other issues.

Ee, integrated model market ki people nundi manchi response vastundi. If possible ilantivi Hyderabad lo kuda introduce chesthe ikkada unna middle class families ki kuda chala useful ga untundi.