10 Interesting Facts About Cheese


Cheese is a favorite food for many of us. It is one of the most loved and consumed food across the world. Are you a cheese lover? Do you know everything about Cheese? Well, here we are to surprise you all by sharing some interesting facts about Cheese. Check them out:

1. No one doesn’t have any idea about when Cheese originated. But as per the reports, it is there from 6000 BC, and it was made by cow and goat’s milk in Mesopotamia.1.-No-one-doesn't-have-any

2. In the world, there as many as 2000 varieties of Cheese are there, and mozzarella is the most favorite among all.2-mozzarella

3. Around the globe, Greece is the place, where there are largest consumers of Cheese. Every year an average person consumes 27.3 kg.3.-Around-the-globe,-Greece

4. No Dominos or Mc Donalds, Pizza Hut is the largest cheese using food company in the world. Every year, nearly 300 million pounds of cheese being used by it. They mostly use this Cheese for Pizza.4-Cheese-for-Pizza

5. The production of Cheese in the world is more than the combined production of other materials like coffee, tobacco, tea, and cocoa beans.5.-The-production-of-Cheese

6. The cheese factory first established in 1815 in Switzerland, and after that, the biggest production had started in the USA in 1851.6.-The-cheese-factory-first-established

7. There are many health benefits of cheese. The body would get gey protein, calcium, and phosphorus, the only if it consumed in reasonable quantities.7.-There-are-many-health-benefits-of-cheese

8. To make just one pound of cheese, the makers should have at least ten pounds of milk.8-1-pound-cheese-10-pounds-milk

9. In Roman houses, during the Roman Empire, they used to have huge separate kitchens mainly to manufacture cheese. They called those places as careale.9.-In-Roman-houses,-during-the

10. Cheese helps to prevent tooth decay and also promotes the perfect flow of saliva, and it eliminates the sugars and acids from the mouth. If you have tooth enamel problems, then it will be solved by cheese. But only it happens, if you consume it in moderate quantities.10.-Cheese-helps-to-prevent-tooth