All The First-Of-It’s Kind International Awards Won By RRR Movie

All The First-Of-It’s Kind International Awards Won By RRR Movie

RRR has done it. It’s the first time for a Telugu film, for a South film, for an Indian film. Rajamouli’s RRR has made Telugu cinema global. He has laid a path for other directors to expand their market beyond their skills and talent. Hope our directors utilize this magical opportunity and truly make Indian cinema global.

The saddest thing is the biggies of the Indian industry are not tweeting anything about the Oscars win. RRR win is everyone’s, put egos and insecurities aside, and let’s embrace cinema.

At the end of the day, RRR has created a history that no Indian cinema has ever done. I strongly believe only Rajamouli can achieve something like this again.

Today, we are going to take a look at some of the International awards by RRR. Not just international awards, these are the first-of-its-kind awards won by Telugu cinema, South cinema, and probably Indian cinema too.

1. Atlanta Film Critics Circle Awards

This is the first Indian/South/Telugu film to win Atlanta Film Critics Circle Awards for Best International Picture.

2. Hollywood Critics Association (HCA).

SS Rajamouli won the Best Director award at the Hollywood Critics Association. He became the first filmmaker from India to win this award.

3. Utah Film Critics Association Awards

RRR became the first Indian film to win the Best Non-English Feature award at Utah Film Critics Association Awards.

4. Los Angeles Film Critics Awards

First Indian film to win the Best Original song at Los Angeles Film Critics Awards.

5. New York Film Critics Award

SS Rajamouli became the first Indian director to win the Best Director trophy at New York Film Critics Awards.

6. Golden Globes

First Indian film to win a Golden Globe. RRR won it for the Best Original Song.

7. Oscar

A Telugu film. Our film has done it. Be proud and happy.

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