“People are Perfect and Divinely Aligned” – An Interview With Spiritual Coach Kartika Nair

There is a certain calmness when you close your eyes, breathe in, hold it for a second and two and breathe out. It’s that simple. Living is actually pretty easy. However in the modern chaos it has become an incredibly taxing effort for us. It’s in these circumstances spirituality comes to the fore, helping us halt for a moment in our wild scampering and look at something enchantingly beautiful. I am guilty of many wild rushes, impulsive confusions and creative blockages as well. In my search of finding some good meditative practises on-line , I ventured upon the sessions of this lovely lady, Kartika Nair. And that is when we got talking about spiritual ideologies and below are some excerpts of it.

7Straight off the hook, What does Synchroshakti stand for, Kartika? And what prompted your journey into spiritual affirmation to communicate with unassuming public?

Synchroshakti, coming from the words synchronicity and shakti, is a personal brand that stands for empowering people mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I started communicating knowledge on spirituality and personal development to the public for the sole purpose of sharing the empowering information that cleared a lot of darkness inside my own mind and life experience, to the people who might just be looking for something like this to help them through their life experiences.

19It is heartening to see that a fairly young person such as yourself take the path of propagating ideologies. Now I ask this question because we generally associate these expressions with somewhat aged and elderly. Do you think age or experience has anything to do with awareness and perception?

Well no, Siddharth, I find that many times, through the eyes of adversity one begins to ask the deeper questions. You don’t necessarily have to have gone through adversity to discover  spirituality, but age no bar, no matter what is happening outside of you, how you lean on that experience or deal with it always happens through a conscious awareness that is ageless. So no, I don’t think age has anything to do with it, but experience definitely has a lot to do with it.

12You do music, specifically Keerthan rock, which reminds of deviance music of ISKON chants. Was there a confluence of such, at some time? Also, where did these activities start to take form?

Yes I do Kirtan rock, higher conscious music and Reggae. I was not influenced by ISKON directly. I discovered this Californian Kirtan artist named Jai Uttal when I was in my teens and I was very influenced by his music and a lot of similar artists. Kirtan, though it is Bhakti, I play this music to bring forth vibration of the mantras and shlokas for its powerful positive effect on the mind and body. I do not pursue any religion as such, but the chants from Kirtan music helped me in my healing through mental imbalances, and playing that music was also part of my healing process.

10How important is it for someone as yourself to actually define the fine line between grim reality of life and spiritual fantastical thoughts. Is it a good practise to have societal bounds or even know them?

Well if I understood your question properly, I’d have to say that spirituality is in the seemingly grim reality of life, there is no line between it. Spirituality is to undoing the layers of social conditioning that has disconnected us from everything else. So it is the very grim reality that pushes us towards creating a better one. As for societal bounds, some can serve as a guidance, but for the most part, my personal opinion is that it limits us vastly from discovering and expressing the greatest versions of ourselves.

5In this Digital age Philosophers have a tough road in getting their voices heard don’t you think ? And is it a necessity to utilise social media in order to properly reach out?

Its not difficult, but India looks at self help and spirituality differently. A lot of people think there needs to be something “wrong” with you to seek guidance and to improve yourself, and usually block themselves from taking responsibility for their reality or even talk about how they feel. But social media, being a global platform is very powerful to put this content out there for the audience who won’t publicly come for a session or a class, but would like to watch spiritual videos privately at home. We all can use guidance, specially the kind that helps you discover your own inner oracle and strength.

9What is that one book/work/person/place that has driven you emotionally and made you choose this path? Relatively, which works of art do you still keep following to find inspiration?

I chose this path from as far as I can remember. I was always drawn towards things of metaphysical nature. Life experiences drew me closer to books and content that could help me, but I don’t propagate gathering information, to only intellectually know all the wisdom and not apply any of it with consistency and dedication, but if you are looking for a name, all of Eckhart tolle’s works alongside a Guru name Mooji, are constant inspiration for me.

24When you decide on doing a cover/video what are the things that you want to decide upon? Also could you give us a peek into what goes in your mind when you decide to propagate an idea through YouTube?

When I cover music, I cover songs that I truly love and I just play. I don’t have anything else I decide upon. When doing spiritual or self help videos on Youtube, the only thing that goes on in my mind is being real and authentic in my sharing, that’s it, beyond that I do not strategize. I’m not thinking that I hope people are really benefited by this or I hope its easy to understand, all I’m thinking is I’m sharing real and authentic information from my heart to yours.

11Profession and passion apart, what is Kartika in real life? what is her story? Where are you from and family? training and gurus? And how has this journey personally confluenced into your life?

Well Kartika doesn’t exist outside her profession and passion, Siddharth.. haha… but story wise, I come from a military family, so I’ve travelled a lot, gone to many schools, I’m originally from Kerala. I never followed any Guru, though I like to listen to different Gurus and take what vibes with me, and go directly to an oracle that’s inside all of us. This journey is my life, I see everything and everyone as a teacher, as a mirror to what I need to see or clean inside me, and yes all the travelling and the contrast in ideology between me and my society helped me realize what I in my heart knew was not the right thing for me.

26What are those five things that you find in every person you meet, that help you decide whether the person is in peace or otherwise? How does that help when you conduct a workshop?

You see, people are perfect, divinely aligned, what is erroneous or misaligned is all the data, the programming that’s running this person and that data is in all of us. Working with people of all age groups across different nationalities allows me to see what the human pattern is, what the general suffering is about, and that helps when doing workshops cause everyone can relate to the patterns, cause we all as a collective unconscious have it.

20Any advice you would like to give to the upcoming philosophers that want to get their voices heard in India?

One is lead by example, two is use the internet, three is write about it in your art and music…It’s easier for people to swallow a message and be open to ideas through music than it is through lecture. Mostly be yourself, speak from a space of love and you will connect with the right audience to hear you out.


So that was Kartika Nair, and her take on spirituality, philosophy, music and everything sublimely beautiful, and enriching.

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