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Introduction To Proteins And Protein Rich Foods!


Often we hear that proteins are essential for the body. But what are proteins and why are they essential?
Proteins are large and complex structures that play a crucial role in the functioning of several body organs. They do most of the cell functions and are predominant in in the structure, functioning and work of cell tissues and body organs.
So, if they are complex then how will the absorb them? Well, Proteins are sure complex than most other nutrients, but they are made up of thousands of amino acids which are attached to each other in long chains. There are atleast 20 kinds of amino acid present in a single protein. This alignment of amino acids is what determines a protein and its functions.
Studies prove that proteins are essential for weight loss and muscle gain. They also help in lowering cholesterol and blood pressure of the body.
Now, you know about proteins and their benefits. Here are 10 types of foods, that are extremely rich in proteins.


When we talk of proteins, the first food that comes to our minds is eggs. Whole eggs are the greatest sources of proteins. Infact they are also called as ‘pure proteins’. They are a great source of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and contain almost all the nutrients that you need.


Most people consider dairy as unhealthy or fattening. But, that is not true. To be honest, it contains some amount of all the nutrients that your body requires. It is a great source of high quality protein, and is also rich in calcium, phosphorous and vitamin B2. It is also a good source of essential fatty acids.


Belonging to the legume family, lentils often make their way to our daily food routine. They are loaded with fibers, magnesium, potassium and various other sources. Also, they are one of its kinds, as they are the best sources of plant-based proteins. They are great for vegetarians and vegans.


Peanuts are rich sources of protein, fibre and magnesium. They are often related to weight loss. Gym trainers and athletes often take peanut butter in moderation for muscle growth and to boost metabolism.


Fish is considered to be a healthy form of meat. So much so, that doctors often recommend fish to fight several diseases. It is loaded with several nutrients essential for the body. They are also rich sources of omega-3-fatty acids.

6.Chicken Breast

Of all the protein-rich foods, chicken breast has to be our favourite. Easy-to-cook and inexpensive, chicken is loaded with proteins. Cook it without its skin to skip all the calories. The best thing about chicken breast is that it is very versatile and a variety of dishes can be made with it.


When we talk of grains and healthy grains in-specific, then oats definitely pop up on our mind. Oats are nutritious, filling and provide the body with fibre, magnesium and several types of vitamins. If you find the taste of oats bland, try cooking them with some vegetables, and we are sure you will start enjoying it more.


We’ve already said it. Eating 4-5 almonds, that are soaked overnight, in the morning on empty stomach does wonders for the body. They are loaded with all sorts of essential nutrients like fiber, vitamin E, magnesium and manganese.


Vegetables are always healthy and are often loaded with several nutrients. Cauliflower is also extremely healthy and is a great source of proteins. Also, it has fewer calories making it a great option for weight loss too.


Fruits are an extremely important source of proteins. Guava, a tropical fruit is an absolute delish. It is rich in vitamin C and is also one of the most protein-rich fruits available to us.

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