iPhone X is the “most breakable smartphone ever” according to test


Smartphone completely took place in our daily lives and epudu avi mari mana family lo oka member la ayyay too many attached and few are addicted.iphone XManaki fever vaste hospital ki veltamo ledo kaani ade mana smartphone konchem heating issue vachina ventane store ki velli troubleshoot chepistunnam alane manaki hand meda oka chinna scratch padte haa bokka le lite ani anukutam kaani ade Smartphone kinda padi display pagilithe seconds lo screen replacement, totally out priorities changed.iphone X“Apple iPhone X is the top fragile phone till now which scored 90 out of 100” by SquareTrade a Company from All State.iphone X

SquareTrade is a company owned by AllState which offers Third-Party Warranties to consumer electronics ante normal ga Smartphone vendors 1 year Hardware and software warranty istaru but Physical damages like screen broken or water lo padeskodam alanti physical issue ki warranty accept cheyyaru so konni third party companies like Airtel, SquareTrade Etc phones ki insurance cheskuni elanti physical damages kuda under warranty ga cover cheskoni repairs chestaru.iphone X

Epudu SquareTrade Apple iPhone X paina konni Robotic Extreme Tests chesai and gave Fragile Score.

Here are the tests done by SquareTrade

Face-down drop test
Side and back drop test
Water dunk test
Shot test
Tumble test
Repairability analysis

Here is the Video of Tests

And here are the quoted test results that SquareTrade sent.

Face-down drop test: On its first drop, SquareTrade saw the iPhone X shatter, its screen become unresponsive, and its widely touted facial recognition feature fail completely. Side and back drop tests: Remarkably, the side drop did the most internal damage to the phone. While the outside of the phone only suffered cosmetic damage, the screen was rendered inoperable. Meanwhile, the back drop completely shattered the back panel, leaving loose shards of glass, making it difficult to hold. Dunk test: The iPhone X faired similarly to the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus models, surviving 30 minutes under five feet of water with some audio muffling during playback. Shot test: Meant to simulate a phone falling off the roof of a car, the shot test showed that the iPhone X is prone to damage from a variety of drops. While the screen and back panel did experience cracks, the biggest damage came from both Face ID and the new “home” swipe command failing. Tumble test: Sixty seconds in the Tumble Bot was no friend to the iPhone X either. Although the screen was able to recognize touch through cracks suffered during the test, the “home” swipe command failed, stranding users in the app that happened to be open. Repairability: SquareTrade’s master technician noted that the iPhone X has a thinner, more costly OLED screen that’s more expensive to replace, a smaller logic board, multiple cables, and a split battery that’s more difficult to remove. All of which may be why Apple is charging a whopping $279 for front screen replacement and $549 for other repairs.iphone X

Overall, the score was 90 out of 100 and top worst performer right now and in April SquareTrade gave 76 to Samsung S8 and 77 for S8+ as Most Fragile phone but now Apple iPhone X took 1st place as Worst performer and Seconds Samsung S8.iphone X

Users of iPhone X and Samsung S8 keep your handsets safe from drops.

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