iPhone@68…..A Punjabi Guy Actually Bought It At That Price.!!

On February 12, Nikhil ordered an iPhone from Snapdeal which was priced at Rs 68. After placing the order, he kept on waiting for the iPhone to be delivered.

When Nikhil Bansal from Pujab, spotted an iPhone 5S ( 16 GB ) being offered on the E-commerce website with an unbelievable 99.7% discount, he didn’t waste a moment before he placed an order for the product.

But before the order could be delivered, it got cancelled by the website. Nikhil chose to proceed further rather than remain silent. He then approached the consumer court in Sangrur district of Punjab, where Snapdeal was ordered to ‘honor the deal’. The court in verdict, not only ordered Snapdeal to deliver the product at the peanut price, but also made the company pay a ₹2000 penalty.

If he isn’t the luckiest guy this week…I don’t know who is.



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