8 Times Our IPL Captains Were Fined Huge Money For Their Slow Over-Rate

ICC or IPL lo cricketers follow avvalsina some strict rules untayi. If in case ee rules mi break cheyadam or rules ni follow avvakunda game adithe captains ki, players ki, teams ki and even coaches, support staff and umpires ki kuda fines untayi. ICC Code of conduct and IPL code of conduct lo unna konni rules lo slow over rate rule okkati. If team slow over rate rule ni break chesi time limit lo veyalsina overs kanta takkuva vesthe captain and team members ki match fee lo nundi fine impose chestharu.

What is slow over rate?

According to IPL code of conduct, any bowling time 1 hour span lo 14.3 overs veyali and 1 hour 3o minutes lo 20 overs finish cheyali …if failed to bowl so, team captain nki first fine ga 12 Lakhs from match fee impose chestharu. Okkate series lo second time repeat chesthe 24 Lakhs for captain and 25% match fee for all teammates ki fine impose chestharu. If third time repeat chesaru anukondi captain match fee lo 30 Lakhs and teammates ki 25% match fee cut chestharu.

If 3 times kante ekkuva repeat chesthe fine tho patu captain ni oka match nundi suspend chestharu.

Idi slow over-rate rules and fines in IPL…and ippati varaku IPL history lo slow over rate valle huge fines face chesina captains evaro once chuseddam…

1. Rohit Sharma was Fined 12 Lakhs On April 21, 2021 Against Delhi Capitals

Rohit Sharma

2. MS Dhoni was Fined 12 Lakhs On April 11, 2021 Against Delhi Capitals

MS Dhoni

3. Virat Kohli was Fined 12 Lakhs On April 25th Against Chennai Super Kings

Virat Kohli

4. Sanju Samson was fined 12 Lakhs on September 21, 2021 Against Punjab Kings

Sanju Samson

5. Morgan was fined 12 Lakhs on April 22nd, 2021 Against Chennai Super Kings


6. Morgan was fined 24 Lakhs on September 23, 2021 Against Mumbai Indians

Morgan (2)

7. Steve Smith was fined 12 Lakhs on October, 2020 Against Mumbai Indians

Steve Smith

8. Shreyas Iyer was fined 12 Lakhs in September 30, 2020 Against Sunrisers Hyderabad

Shreyas Iyer

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