Iranians create Wall of Kindness

    Wall of kindness

    Iran is going through troubled times – a harsh winter, and economic turbulences seem to have affected the homeless – leading to Iranians creating many such ‘wall of kindness’.

    The concept of the walls of kindness is very simple. Those who can afford to, leave extra clothes on their walls, with a message to homeless and needy people to collect and use them if they need to. The message painted on the walls reads – ‘If you don’t need it, leave it. If you need it, take it’.

    While the first such campaign ran in the city of Mashad, the campaign has gone viral, as many more cities have adopted the noble act of kindness.

    The campaign has gone viral, and many more people in urban areas have become a part of this brilliant, humane movement. Here are some snapshots from Twitter to throw light upon the Wall of Kindness.

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