Iraqi army declares victory against ISIS in Ramadi

After months of efforts, the Iraqi army has managed to make considerable inroads into the Islamic State, popularly known as ISIS.

In a news release yesterday, the Iraqi army declared a victory over ISIS in Ramadin, one of the most strategically important cities in the war against ISIS.

This victory is important keeping in mind the fact that in May, ISIS stormed to power in Ramadin when Iraqi forces fled the warzone in spite of possessing bigger arms and ammunition, provided by the US army.

However, since the Paris Attacks, the war against ISIS has become a multipronged strategy, with some of the world’s biggest powers including USA, UK, France, and Russia getting together to bomb ISIS strongholds.

The victory is a small battle in the larger war against ISIS, which is known to use visuals of bombing to help their own cause and generate sympathy for themselves.

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