Iron: Recommended Intake, Benefits and Sources


Mana body ki kavalsina main essential minerals lo Iron okati. mana skin, nails, hair ni healthy ga unchadam lo iron chala important part. So mana skin and hair ki iron valla unna benefits ento okkasari chuseydama…

1. Glowing Skin

1-Hair and beauty

Iron, skin ki glow tesuku vastundi. Daily required amount of iron ni tesukovadam valla pale skin, dark circles lantivi taggi mana body healthy ga untundi. Iron rich foods ni mana diet lo include chesukovadam valla skin ki oka pinkish glow vastundi. Red blood cells count increase ayyi. blood lo oxygen flow increase avutundi, daani valla skin glow avutundi.

2. Wound healing


Wounds tho problem face chestunappudu, accidents ayyi bed rest teesukuntun appudu doctors yekkuva ga Iron tablets, iron unna foods ni refer chestaaru. Red blood cells ni form chesi Haemoglobin rate ni increase chesi mana body antha blood flow proper ga jarige la chestundi. Blood flow bagunte wound chala twaraga heal avutundi.

3. Fights against hair loss

3-Hair all

Food habits, pollution & dust valla manam baga experience chestunna main problem hair loss. Iron deficiency valla hair loss anedi yekkuva ga untundi. Body lo low iron content day by day hair growth rate ni decrease chestundi. Regular intake of food which contains Iron hair texture ni improve chesi, oxygen flow ni increase chesi dullness ni taginchi hair and scalp ni healthy ga unche nutrient ee iron.

4. Muscle function


Iron mana muscle growth ki help ayye myoglobin ane muscle protein ni build chesi muscle health ni improve chestundi. Muscle cells lo ee protein ni unchadam dwara muscle strength increase avutundi. body lo muscle growth ki iron chala help avutundi.

5. Enhance immunity


Body immunity ni boost cheyyadam lo chala help avutundi iron. Iron, immune function ni enhance chesi, differentiation and proliferation of T lymphocytes ni reactive ga marustundi. thereby production of reactive oxygen species increase chesi pathogens tho fight chestundi.

6. Relief From Premenstrual Symptoms

6-Relief from PMS

2 days mundu nundi iron ni high intake lo tesukovadam valla premenstrual symptoms ayina dizziness, mood swings, hypertension lanti vatiki duram ga undachu. Daily intake lo high amount of iron ni consume cheyadam valla PMS symptoms ni 30-40% less experience cheyyachu.

7. Brain development


Kids healthy brain development kosam Iron rich foods ni ivvali, ani paediatricians yekkuva recommend chestaru. Because growing kids neurophysiological development lo iron chala important part la work chestundi. Correct time lo iron ni ivvadam valla kids lo vache brain development problems, thalassemia, mental health issues lantivi vatini prevent chestundi.

Sources of Iron
1. Green leafy vegetables
2. Whole grains
3. Dry fruits
4. Lentils
5. Eggs
6. Dairy products
7. Liver
8. Beans
9. Pumpkin Seeds etc.,

Iron mana body ki icche benefits ni chusaaru ga. Iron ni regular diet lo include chesukuni, required amount lo teesukuni healthy ga undandi.