Is Black Pepper Good For You? Pepper, Its Uses And Benefits!


How often do we use black pepper, but tend to not notice the value that it adds to our food? Scientifically it is called as Piper Nigrum, coming from a black pepper dry fruit. Used as a spice and a flavouring agent, this is native to Southern parts of India and to South Asian region. It is believed to be in use from around 2000 BC.
Now, you know about the spice and its origin. But do you know that an ounce of black pepper has plethora of benefits to offer? Read to find out 5 most fascinating health benefits of Pepper.

1.Prevents Cancer

1 Top 5 Benefits Of PepperThere are studies which support that Black Pepper is rich in piperine, which is great for preventing a deadly disease like cancer. Piperine also tends to absorb several nutrients and minerals to the body and in turn promoting the metabolism. It also provide vitamin B and beta-carotene which are a necessity to prevent cancer.

2.Promotes Weight loss.

2 Top 5 Benefits Of PepperPiperine not just fights cancer cells but also fights off cells which produce fat in the body. Pepper is also low in calories, hence adding it to your food as spice, gives your weight loss journey a push. So, add a dash of pepper powder to your food and you are all set to lose some weight.

3.Relieves Cold and Cough.

3 Top 5 Benefits Of PepperOne of the biggest advantages of Pepper is that it helps in relieving the body from cold and cough. It is known to stimulate the circulation of the mucous flow. Also known to fight asthma, mix a dash of pepper in hot water along with honey and you can say goodbye to your cold and cough woes.

4.Loaded with Antioxidants.

4 Top 5 Benefits Of PepperThis might come as surprise, but true. Black pepper is loaded with antioxidants and is helpful in fighting several diseases. Its high phenolic and piperine content makes it a great tool in fighting oxidative stress, cancer or flu. It is these antioxidants which are believed to help in boosting immunity.

5.Improves Digestive system.

5 Top 5 Benefits Of PepperBlack Pepper plays a very important role when it comes to promoting digestive system. It has an ability to break down food and enzymes all of which helps for a proper digestion. It also has properties which helps the body relive stomach gas. Replacing chilly powder with pepper powder in your food can do wonders for your digestive system.

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