Is Keto Diet Safe? 4 Side Effects Of Ketosis

Keto diet, in the recent past, has garnered quite some fame. A very effective diet plan, it shows results in just a couple of days. Keto diet is a low-carb, high-fat diet that allows you to increase your fat content in order to lose some pounds.  While several dieticians and nutritionists swear by Ketosis, it does come with several side effects. So here are the complications you might face if you don’t do your Keto diet properly.

1. Diarrhea

Side Effects Of KetosisThe first few days of Ketosis often develop symptoms like diarrhea. This happens for several reasons like the gallbladder not able to break down the fat in the system or because of the low-fiber content in the keto diet. But don’t worry as this is a very common side effect and eventually subsides when your body gets used to ketosis.

2. Metabolism 

Side Effects Of Ketosis.Metabolism is majorly effected during ketosis. There is also a significant loss of muscle as there is more fat intake than protein intake. And since muscle burns more calories than fat does, it directly affects the metabolism.

3. Heart diseases and Diabetes 

Side Effects Of Ketosis.A long term effect of Ketosis includes heart diseases and diabetes. When you say keto it means you eat more meat, beans, and green leafy vegetables. But, people often use it as an excuse to eat more butter or cream. This leads to adverse effects on heart and blood sugar levels.

4. Weight Regain

Side Effects Of Ketosis.The biggest problem with the keto diet is that there are high chances you will put on weight once you stop keto. This type of dieting is often associated with short-term weight loss. Ketosis develops an unhealthy relationship with food and leads to disturbed weight loss and gain.


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