Quinoa vs Rice: Is Quinoa Really Better Than Rice?

Contributed By: Meher Manasa

It is no surprise to anyone that quinoa is one of those internet trends that ensures health benefits and helps anyone willing to shed those extra kilos. But is it really worth shifting towards rice which has been a staple diet for most people especially, south east asians. Let’s put this to a test and see if you should really be jumping on this bandwagon created by the modern internet.

It is important to address the fact that Quinoa is not actually a grain like rice and wheat but a seed from a family of beets and Spinash. Although, it might not be an apple to apple comparison quinoa is being eaten as a substitute for rice and that probably should be fine for us to compare them.

Glycemic Index :

Pasted Image 0 (6)Foods with lower glycemic index are healthier to consume as they do not quickly spike up the sugar levels in the body upon consumption. Quinoa has much lesser glycemic index compared to rice.

Protein and Fibre Content:

A bowl of rice and a bowl of quinoa when compared, quinoa has two times more soluble protein and 5 grams more fibre than rice. The extra fibre and protein fills one up and keeps you away from wanting to snack.


Same quantity of quinoa has much lesser cholesterol than rice and this can be especially beneficial for anyone suffering with cardio vascular issues.

Mineral Content:

Quinoa is very popular for it’s mineral content as it contains almost all important minerals for the body and much higher in quantity than rice. Naming a few would be calcium(three times more), iron(five times more), potassium(eight times more), manganese(two times more) etc.,

Fat Content:

Quinoa has relatively lesser fat content than rice which might help anyone trying to shed those extra kilos but might not be something to consider if one is just trying to be fit.

Screenshot 2021 01 06 At 6.45.19 PmIn conclusion, quinoa is better than rice but only if it is vital for you to consider low-fat options at every part of your diet. Other wise either rice or quinoa in long run should be fine.

If at all you choose to shift to quinoa introduce it in your diets slowly and then completely move towards it as it has high protein levels it can cause bloating and indigestion.

This article in no way is prescribing either of them but merely comparing them. Use your discretion and choose wise!

Happy Eating!
Stay Safe!

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