Is Salaar A Spin Off To KGF? Akkada Boggu-Ikkada Boggu? These Crazy Fan Theories Are Proof

KGF 1, KGF 2 aipoindi and KGF 3 kuda undi. And ippudu ee KGF part 3 charcha kanna Salaar & KGF crossover meedhe charcha ekkuva jaruguthundi. Twitter and FB lo fans estimate chestunna ee crazy theories chustunte hype ekkadiko vellipothundi, idi entha varaku nijamo Mass God Prashanth Neel mawa ke teliyali, but ippati ki aithe ee theories chustunte confirm KGF world & Salaar ki connection undi ani gattiga anipistundi, only time will tell. Ippatiki aithe fans predict chestunna ee crazy KGF & Salaar crossover connections pai oka look eddam randi…

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  1. If you are wondering how did Rocky attack PM office so easily in KGF 2 & then you missed the details. He had support of Salaar army at his helm. The timeline 1979-81 was skipped intentionally & this is where crossover happens with SALAAR & KFG
  2. Prashanth Neel on December 4, took to his social media handle to reveal the meaning of Salaar as he tweeted, “SALAAR: The right hand man to a king, a general.” so Rocky bhai right hand man Salaar
  3. Eswari Rao son chanipoyadu annaru kani there is no proof that he is dead dead body techaka kooda a face choopincharu , might be Rocky is making a hidden weapon , a teen guy enthusiasm and passion for violence might attracted and made a thought provoking to Rocky for making a soldier like him , saalar gun still can be correlated with KGF 2 and KGF 3 Might be a prequel of KGF 2 and rebirth of saalar from KGF 2 Or evolution of saalar end credits of saalar can be linked with KGF 3.
  4. One theory I heard is that: It is actually salaar who helped Rocky take over the Parliament, meeru gamanisthey akkada Rocky ki help chesey vallu koddiga verey costumes lo untaru KGF lo unnavallalaga kaakunda koddiga Modern ga, May be a Possibility If that is true Salaar perspective lo Parliament Capture chupistaremo, just Imagine And Salaar vachi Stand Alone movie (new character not necessarily the kid mentioned in video)Andulo Charecter Establish chesi, Last ki Connection Chupichi KGF 3 lo Combination Chupisteyy……. WoW…..
  5. Salaar is continuation anadaniki inko reason kuda vundhi… Prabhas gun pattukuni kurchunna poster lo background antha destruct aipoyina City vundhi.. kgf 2 mve lo kgf ni indian airforce destruct chesesthadhi… So aa kurradu vachi revenge plan cheyadam or Rocky legacy ni chupinchadam ani

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