Is Tomato A Fruit Or A Vegetable? Or Is It Both?

The age-old question, which has been asked for many years, Is tomato a fruit or a vegetable? Although fruit and vegetables have a lot in common, they have their own differences too. Fruits are formed from flowers, have seeds and assist with the plant’s reproduction process. Whereas vegetables are the roots, stems, leaves or other auxiliary parts of the plant. Well, the answer to the age-old question is both.

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Botanically, tomatoes are fruit. Fruits are the structures formed in flowering plants to carry seeds, classify tomatoes as vegetables because they’re cooked with savory foods and served for dinner, not dessert. According to science, tomatoes are fruits, as all fruits have a single seed or many seeds inside and grow from the flower of a plant, it’s the same case with tomatoes, and these seeds can later be harvested and used to produce more tomato plants. Many people consider the tomato a vegetable because of its cooking uses. As tomatoes are some of the most commonly used ingredients in dishes, people started classifying them as vegetables, an important vegetable, used in almost all the dishes. This is the reason many people consider tomatoes as a vegetable, even though they are botanically a fruit. This has been a long topic of discussion, there have been laws implemented on this subject too, and tomato was declared as a vegetable by the supreme court, even though science considers it as a fruit. Many other foods suffer from this crisis too, though not as popular as tomatoes, a number of foods are classified as fruits by science but called vegetables because of their cooking uses, some of these foods are lady’s finger, bell peppers, cucumber and many more.

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The bottom line is that tomatoes are fruits botanically, and are vegetables because of their cooking usage, this debate has been going on for a long time, and people are still not sure till today. So a number of people classify tomatoes as both, anyhow, tomatoes whether be it a fruit or a vegetable is tasty food with many health benefits, we should enjoy eating this magical fruit or vegetable.

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