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Few Lesser Known Facts About Our Rocket Scientist & ISRO Chairman Dr. K.Sivan


ISRO – Indaian Space Research Organisation, mana country ni space reasearch lo proud country ga nilabettina credit ee organisation dhi. Enno years nundi space research and development lo enno miracles cethu vastunna ISRO last couple of days nundi hard phase ni face chestundi. Yes, Chandrayaan 2 communication lost aina taruvatha ISRO meedha entha negativity spread anthe positivity kuda vachindi.

Chandrayaan 2 – Vikram Lander landing and communication lost aina taruvatha okesari breakdown aipoyaru ISRO Chairman K. Sivan. Kani antha pressure lo kuda Vikram Lander updates ni 24/7 isthu Vikram Lander safe ga untundi ane confidence tho unnaru K Sivan. Iyana anukunnate ippudu Vikram Lander safe landing ainattu telsindi. Ippudu communication recovery cheyadaniki try chestunnam aii chepparu Sivan.

Assala evaru ee K.Sivan eppati nundi ISRO chairman ga unnaru, background enti? Em missions lo major role play chesaru anedi once chuseddam.

1. Born to a farmer:

ISRO Chairman1957, April 14 Tamilnadu Kanyakumari lo unna Tarakkanvillai village lo unde oka ordinary farmer named Kailasa Vadivu ki oka athanu puttadu athanu peru Kailasavadivoo Sivan (K. Sivan)

2. All his education in Local Government public School:

K. Sivan Oka farmer son kavadam tho Government school lone 10 th varaku chadivaru. Tarakkanvillai village lo unna local government school lo Tamil medium lo tana education antha continue chesaru.

3. First graduate from his entire family & relatives :

Sivan family antha farming side lo unna valle ekkuva. Sivan family and relatives lo okka graduate kuda leni time lo he joined in ‘Madras Institute of Technology’ and completed his bachelor’s degree in Aeronautical Engineering in 1980’s.

4. Later completed his Masters in Aerospace:

MIT lo engineering taruvatha, Bangalore IISC lo join aiyyi 1982 lo Aerospace engineering lo masters complete chesaru.

5. Joined as an Assistant Scientist at ISRO in 1982:

1982 lo ISRO lo join aina Sivan, appudu unna Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV) project lo he played a significant role in planning, designing, integration and analysis of the mission at that time.

6. Received ‘Dr Vikram Sarabhai Research Award’ in 1999:

Assistant Scientist ga ISRO lo join aina Sivan, GSLV, PSLV, GSLV MkIII lanti prestigious projects lo major role play chesaru. Aa time lone athadi efforts ni gurtisthu ISRO ‘Dr Vikram Sarabhai Research Award’ ni icchindi.

7. Appointed as Director of ISRO’s Liquid Propulsion Systems Centre after 3 decades of long career as scientist:

ISRo lo Assistant Scientist ga join aiyyi, enno prestigious projects ki director ga undi chala missions lo success avvadam lo major role play chesaru Sivan. And for his efforts in Space research he was appointed as a Director of ISRO’s Liquid Propulsion Systems Centre.

8. And he took Chandrayaan 2 Mission responsibility after he was appointed as an ISRO’s chairman in 2018:

January 15 2018 lo ISRO Chairman ga appoint aiyyaru Sivan. And Chairman ga appoint aina taruvatha he took charge of Chandrayaan 2 mission and made it launch on July 22 2019.

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