6 Issues with bike only ‘Bike owners’ can relate to


There is no superior feeling than owning a bike. That’s true! But, if you own a bike, there are a few uninvited hiccups that will knock your door and you will be standing helpless. You cannot avoid them, nor do you want to encourage them. It happens and you will have to just bare with it. Sometimes, it might be out of concern, but sometimes it will get on your nerves and will piss you off terribly.

Though you own a bike, here are those times when you seriously have some issues with it.

Keys marchipodambike owners

Idhi prathi sari repeat avidhi. However hard you try to keep them at a place, you will always end up misplacing them.

Your Bike Becomes Everyone’s Bikebike owners

Appudapudu ivvabudhi avthundhi, kaani adhi kaastha limits daatipothundhi. Apudu ne bike needhe ani marchipoye la untundhi situation

Those Fake Promises…bike owners

Enno sarlu ayi untundhi…eppudo okka sari ki petrol posinanduku oka one month daaka ika adhi vaadi bande ani anukoni nadipesthu untadu.

Evadu entha kharab cheshina, Cleaning matram maname cheyalibike owners

Thappadu.. em chestham ra bai!! Bike manadhi kada!!

Droppings and Pick-ups – So-called Social Servicebike owners

Nidro lo unna, office lo unna, ekkada unna.. automatic ga phone vachesthadi. kakaa.. ekkada unnav, pls come an pick me or drop me ani. Thapputhundha…??? Friends ayi chacham kada!!

Surprise Challansbike owners

Mana maanana mana girlfriend tho hai ga velthunappudu, sudden ga Traffic babai aapi, chalam kattu antadu. Daani flash back chusthe, evado mana priya mitrulu mana bike vaadinapudu signal jump o helmet lekunda no photo untundhi. Ika fine kattalsindhe..thapputhundha??

Do you find any more issues that a bike owner faces, please let us know in the comments section below.