Jungle Safari at Nallamalla Forest


Exams are about to over and later it’s vacation time! It is the time when we all plan for various trips with families. What more can be exciting that a Jungle Safari through the woods, Trekking by leaving your trails in the forest, bird watching and many more such thrilling activities! If you are thinking that one should travel really far to indulge in such ‘Into The Wild’ experiences, you got it wrong! We have such places in our very own Andhra Pradesh. Without further ado let’s know more about it.

Who Established it?nallamallaSprawling over the Eastern Ghats, Nallamala is a well-known forest reserve with deep valleys, grasslands, and rich biodiversity. Nestled is such magnificent woods is the Nagarjunasagar Srisailam Tiger Reserve(NSTR) which is an abode for endangered flora and fauna. It is the largest tiger reserve in India.

Where is it?nallamallaEco-tourism programs have been initiated by NTSR to bring the visitors close to nature and to provide livelihood to the local communities and tribes. Three spots are chosen and developed for this eco-tourism initiative.
Bairluty, A Tribal village near Atmakur, Kurnool
Pacherla, another Tribal village near Nandyal Kurnool
Tummalabailu, near Srisailam, Kurnool.

What activities are available?

Many activities are planned to entertain the visitors.
Jungle SafarinallamallaA jeep with a driver and a tribal guard will take you around the jungle for about 1-2hours.

TrekkingnallamallaThis is generally planned in the morning. A local guide will accompany for this and we choose a short or a long trek path.

Bird & Butterfly WatchingnallamallaAbout 200 species of birds and 89 varieties of butterflies have been documented in NTSR. Visitors will be taken for a Nature walk of 2-3 km to watch these incredible creatures.
ArcherynallamallaPrimitive tribal groups ‘Chenchus’ dwell in small habitations in Nallamala ranges. They are skilled in using ‘Bow & Arrow’. Visitors can practice archery under their guidance and appreciate their skills.
Where To Stay?nallamallaCottages and Tents are available at Bairluty and Pacherla. Tummalabailu does not have any accommodation arrangements. Each cottage costs Rs.4000/- and tent costs Rs.5000/-. That includes breakfast lunch and dinner along with jungle safari. We need to pay separately for rest of activities. Online booking of accommodation is available at their website: http://nallamalaijunglecamps.com/accomi.php?page=accomi

How to reach?8 - carThese places are only a few hours’ drive from Hyderabad. The best option is to go by car as these places reside in villages where the direct connectivity of buses or trains is not available.

Hope you have a good time there!