Jagdeep Singh: Full Story Of The Tallest Cop In The World

7ft. 6inches… it is not a high of a ladder or else a TV antenna…truly it is the height of a human being. Yes, it is a height of a Jagdeep Singh, traffic police and also a world’s tallest cop. Jagdeep an ex-cop from Punjab, currently serves as a traffic cop in Amritsar. serves as a traffic cop in Amritsar and he is a kind of a local celebrity around his town. Jagdeep has been serving in the police for almost 20 years now.

Jagdeep Singh photo in market

If anyone wants a snap selfie from him surely, they will require a ladder. It is proven that criminals are unable to escape from the long arms of the law. But in the case of Jagdeep, the criminals will also have to deal with his extremely long legs. It seems like a joke, but true. He is popularly known as TV Tower from is childhood. Singh regularly works on the roads of Punjab to because he has an ability to stop any disturbance in the street with his height. Criminals feel fear about height and in India or in the entire world there is no man with height like this, probably he is the tallest man in the world.

Even as a child Jagdeep towered over his classmates, and his mother, Gurshinder Kaur remembers other children laughing at his colossal height. Born different, from his childhood, he & his parents noticed that his height was different from normal children. But he never felt different and stressed about this and proud of himself for his Height.

Jagdeep Singh with children

Every coin has two sides like that Jagdeep found both negativity and positivity with his height. Coming to positivity he treated has a celebrity among Punjab and common people took selfies with him and also celebrities took selfies with him. People came to see him from other states.  he enjoys being the center of attention.

One the other side of coin Tallest policeman of the world experiences troubles &There are a lot of problems due to 190 kilograms of weight to buy clothes of his fitting and shoes to import from the other countries. He has a special tailor to stitch clothes for him and he is unable to travel on cabs or cars and not in his own car also. He travels on his bike looks unmatching to his height. Also, he is unable to use the normal washroom everything belongs to him will be specially designed.

Jagdeep Singh

he faces a lot of difficulties in daily life and came to his marital age he is unable to find a girl. None is willing to marry him because of his height. But God has already written our story in his book. Jagdeep found a girl whose height is not a matter to her and married to her. She is 5ft 11in but no problem with his height, of course, she felt very happy and lucky to marry him. She founds while going out him everybody treats as a celebrity and took selfies with them.

How strong he is. Let’s all wish him all the best and take him as an inspiration.

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