This 23 Year Old Hyderabadi Fighting For The Rights Of The Needy Is Winning Hearts

In our daily life we often see many people beside roads, footpaths, bus stations and hospitals. Most of us feel sad and sorry for those people, help cheyalani unna sadly we couldn’t. Kani 23 year old Jasper Paul matram mana la kadu, athaniki roadside unna beggars or shelter less people ni chudagane ventane varitho matladadaniki try chesthadu, anthena ante kadu variki oka shelter provide cheyadaniki kuda ready aipothadu.

Jasper Paul

Not just a formal help and shelter but he saved 130 lives so far, yes he is.

Rights Of The Needy & Saved

From Bed of the Death to Saving People: 2014, Paul is doing his bachelors in engineering met with an accident. Jasper travel chesthunna car almost 3 times ki paiga somersaults kottindi but you won’t believe that ataniki chinna scratch kuda padaledu. Jasper thought it as a god’s grace and wanted to do something meaningful with life.

Started 4 Rooms after completing Btech studies to provide shelter for shelter less people

Jasper Paul - From Bed of the Death to Saving People

Accident nundi bayata padina Paul aa accident nerpina lessons and motive dwara city outskirts lo oka 4 shelter homes start chesadu. Aa shelter homes lo roadside unna shelter less people ni tecchi shelter ivadam variki manchi food provide cheyadam, andulo evaraina unhealthy unte variki manchi treatment and medication cheyinchadam start chesadu.

Shelter Rooms to Self NGO: Fighting For The Rights Of The Needy

Jasper Paul - From Bed of the Death to Saving People

4 rooms tho start aina Jasper Paul service kastha ‘Second Chance’ NGO ga form evaro teliyani 120+ people ki bratakadaniki second chance ni icchindi. Ee NGO ki vacche funds dwara Jasper Paul 12 other members help tho andariki kavalsina needs arrange cheyadame kadu sick people health issues solve cheyadaniki oka nurse ni hire chesukunadu.

Jasper Paul - From Bed of the Death to Saving People

Life gave him a second chance and what he’s doing is ‘Live and Let Live others’ antu ee orphan people ki mana tho patu bhoomi mida bratike right undi antunadu. Till the last breath varaku ee people antha food kosam, shelter kosam elanti hurdles face cheyakunda healthy ga unte chalu antu villa andariki bratkadaniki second chance istunadu Jasper Paul.

Let’s take a bow and salute this young clad !!

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