ABD Meets Jersey: This Jersey Dialogues Crossover Is Freaking Apt For Mr. 360

AB de Villiers… irrespective of trophies, teams, continents, hatred he is the only cricketer that got love from every one of us. Ippatiki aa game yenti asalu, international cricket lo runs meedha runs koduthunna players kuda retire aina ABD timing mundhu paniki ravatledu. kKR meedha aadina knock aithe just no words. How can he still play like this? ABD is immortal. Just to appreciate ABD’s arachakamaina talent & passion we made a crossover of ABD and Arjun, have fun reading this…

1. ABD batting chustu unte, ee dialogue ABD ki perfect apt

1.Jersey Dialogues to ABD

2. Not for many, only for few and ABD is one among them

2.Jersey Dialogues to ABD

3. KKR match lo ABD valla family ni greet chese moment chusinappati nunchi, ee dialogue ye mind lo tirugutundi

3.Jersey Dialogues to ABD

4. Family is Everything

4.Jersey Dialogues to ABD

5. Konthamandi Success vallu geliche trophies lo undadu, vallu chese pani pai pranam pette tapana lo untundi

5.Jersey Dialogues to ABD

6. Call him choker call whatever you want, there is only one ABD in the game and no one can match the talent he possesses on the field

6.Jersey Dialogues to ABD

7. The best thing about RCB is ABD & Virat ‘s Bonding

7.Jersey Dialogues to ABD

8. ABD thank you for everything

8.Jersey Dialogues to ABD

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