Kabali Craze Begins : This Animated Fan Made Trailer Of Kabali Is Simply Jhakhaas!!


The much awaited Rajinikanth’s movie Kabali has started to weave its magic. If there have been many fan made trailers cut from different movies of Rajinikanth, Team Realworks have come up with a animated trailer of Kabali, in which Thalaiva is shown taking down everyone when he is attacked in his Rolls Royce. And it gives you an actual feel of the dreaded don Kabali will be.

In an attempt to revive film making in Coimbatore, it took two weeks for the Team to come up with this clip of 3:22 minutes. We are not sure if such scenes are placed in the movie, but kudos to the entire team for giving the audience a feel of how the movie is going to be. For moment even you might think this is a scene from the movie.

Realworks Studios believes and strives towards creating affordable quality computer graphics in India.

Here it is, watch it!

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