If You Think Kajal Locked Lips With Suriya In The Movie ‘Brothers’, You Are Wrong!


Technology has taken over everything that we see or use today. It is definitely a welcoming change for everyone of us. Now coming to the scenarios where you have to get intimate with your co-stars on screen might seem a difficult task for few of the stars and the star who falls first in this category will be Suriya.

It came as as surprise when Suriya actually locked lips with Kajal in the movie Brothers. But we all were wrong. We know how much Suriya gives into each role he portrays. And we also know how equally devoted he is towards his lady love Jyothika. Now maybe it was because of that bond, that the publicly shy Suriya couldn’t go ahead to lock his lips with Kajal.

So, the director KV Anand had a solution to this. More than me trying to describe it, watch it for yourself how KV Anand satisfied all the factors involved in getting his subject without any disturbances.