Kalyan Koduri is one of those unrecognized yet brilliant Music Directors


9 songs by Kalyan Koduri that are so soothing and lovely!

Kalyan Koduri a.k.a Kalyani Malik is one of the nicest music directors in Telugu film industry. He debuted his music career in films with the mind- blowing film, Aithe and has never looked back since then. He is a cousin of Rajamouli. Because of his passionate inclination towards music, he always assisted his brother M.M.Keeravani. Kalyan first started off his career as a chorus singer and after the famous Sannajaji Puvva, he got recognized. He later stuck to his passion and assisted Keeravani.

Here are some songs that we love listening to but do not relate his name to it.

1. Chitapata Chinukulu – Aithe

2. Ee Amrutha Varsham – Amrutha Varsham

3. Aadinchi Ashta Chamma – Ashta Chamma

4. Cheli Vinamani – Ala Modalaindi

5. Ammammo Ammo – Ala Modalaindi

6. Aenativo – Golkonda High School

7. Em Sandeham Ledu – Oohalu Gusa Gusalaade

8. Oka Laalana – Jyo Achyuthananda

9. Kalyaname Vaibhogame – Kalyana Vaibhogam