This Kantriguyz Video Gives You A Complete Flavour Of ‘Apna’ Hyderabadi Cabs


We know how cab drivers bond over a trip. Not everyone might experience a pleasant conversation to happen when they board a cab, it just depends on your exploring skills. You come across friendly drivers, annoying drivers, drivers who feel they are doing a favour by taking you in his cab even though you are paying him for a trip. Oh wait, did we forget those drivers who have some kickass playlist in their music box which might throw you into some nostalgia or grief depending on the mood you are in.

Collating all these into a small video of 5 mins, apna Kantriguyz have come out with a video and yes the dose to it is the Hyderabadi flavour. Being a Hyderabadi, you will definitely relate to this video for the conversations that happen. Apart from just a ride, there is a lot that comes along when you take cab in Hyderabad.