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‘Kapoor And Sons’ Will Make You Go Back Home And Hug Your Parents..!!


By Nisha Bhagadia

Cast : Alia Bhatt, Siddharth Malhotra, Fawad Khan, Rishi Kapoor, And Ratna Pathak
Producers : Dharma Productions
Director : Shakun Bhatra

The multi starrer film “Kapoor and Son’s” is a romantic comedy. Karan Johar being the producer of the film has once again left a mark on us with this movie. The film revolves around the emotional family drama and the conflict between the siblings which later starts affecting the whole family dynamics. The film which was initially prompted to be a love triangle between Alia, Siddharth and Fawad, slowly graduates into how a family struggles to stay together and finds it difficult to accept each other’s reality. Each person in the family has their own dreams, problems, feelings and how all this affects their life is what the film portrays.

Produced by Dharma Productions, the film shows how every person in the family somewhere dislikes each other for their own personal reasons and decides to stay alone in different parts of the world, but situations and destiny brings them back together to Coonoor (Hometown) and how they solve their problems for the sake of their family, for their happiness and try to confront their own demons and accept reality forms the crux of the story. That is a where the films director Shakun Batra actually shines, as he properly captures the elements of love that every family shares in-spite of the misunderstandings between them.

Alia being the lead actress in the film amazes the audience with her glamour in bits and parts, while Siddharth and Fawad steal the show with their innocence and pure charm. It’s remains a suspense for the viewers as to who eventually ends up with Alia. As the film unfolds it leaves the audience in surprise as well as in shock and takes them on a emotional and fun filled roller coaster ride. The film also consists elements of comedy and utter absurdity.

The cast of the film is very promising and has succeeded in entertaining and mesmerizing the viewers through their wonderful performances. The songs of the film have already touched millions of hearts and have toppled . Kapoor and Son’s is a fun filled ride though tucking at your heart strings at times, It definitely is a must watch for every fan of good old family dramas. So do catch up the movie this weekend in your nearest cinema halls.