Meet Karthik Talloju, An IT Guy Whose Inktober Sketches Will Leave You Speechless

Pencil sketching has long been a popular art form and it’s no wonder why. Sketching with a pencil is versatile, and portable and requires only a few basic art supplies, attentiveness, and of course peace of mind to make beautiful sketches with profound deets. For Such Pencil Artists, a wonderful campaign called ‘Inktober’ has been introduced.

Inktober is a celebration of Ink Drawing that takes place during October. It is a challenge to create one ink drawing every day for each day of October and post them on Social Media. It is an idea to improve inking skills and develop positive drawing habits.

This Inktober challenge is taken up by Karthik Talloju, one of the brilliant pencil artists from Hyderabad who has been working on Pencil sketches for a very long time. He has produced some astonishing works besides working as an IT employee.

It takes true strength to go after what you truly love to do in life and simultaneously work on a 9 AM to 5 PM monotonous job and Karthik Talloju, an IT Guy is the epitome of it.
Employees working in the IT industry tend to be prone to develop a lot of mental stress due to the incessant work. However, Karthik Talloju doesn’t let this stress ruin his passion, instead, he works on his long-loved hobby to find solace.

He managed to turn this hobby into a part-time profession just for the weekends. This prolific sketch artist works on his passion on Saturdays and Sundays and exhibits the work on his Facebook page.

Karthik has been enamored by sketching and paintings since he was a kid. Though he is a self-taught artist, he often credits his elder brother for being his first guru, who is known to motivate him and inspire him to take up this work.

Check out some of the amazing Works by Karthik Talloju & His Inktober Sketches Will Leave You Speechless

  1. Touchdown!

2.  Trip

3. “Empty” canvas

4. Scurry

5. Nest

6. This guy has the cutest smile!

7. “Uh Oh”
Single minded eating machines from “Finding Nemo”

8. Match

Click Here for More Amazing Arts by Karthik Talloju –


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