8 Kastalu Only Girls Can Relate To During Their Periods

Periods ane word chudagaane maaku related article kaadu ani venakki vellipokandi abbayilu.
Mee chuttu unde ammayilanu ardham chesukovadaaniki ee article entho kontha help chestadhi.
So lets dive into it….

1.Girls periods problems

1. Vacchentha varaku oka ghola, vacchaka inkoti

2.Girls periods problemsWe don’t know when the special guest arrives. Edyna trip plan anuko gaane ala sudden surprise tho vacchestadhi mana period.

And then konni times rammanna asalu raadu.

3.Girls periods problems

2. Cravings

4.Girls periods problems

Periods time lo we get unlimited food cravings. Okesaari chocolate, panipoori, biryani, pizza anni tinaalanipistadhi.

3. Mood swings

6.Girls periods problemsHarmonal changes valla mood swings raavadam Is the normal thing we experience durinmg periods. So maa chuttu unde abbayilu please note it down that we need some extra care and pampering during period times.

4. Cramps

7.Girls periods problemsOka 10 JCB vacchi mana body ni crush chestunnattu anipistadhi.
Ilaanti time lo heating pad okkate mana comforter.

5. Checking of leakage

9.Girls periods problemsWe need to keep checking if our pad gave up on us.. which is like for every 60 times in a minute

6. Me time

10.Girls periods problemsWe all need that me time to pamper our body and let it rest

7. The God’s favourite

11.Girls periods problemsManam ala periods lo cramps tho baadhapadutunte, there will be some of our lucky friends who never experience cramps.

8. When it is finally over

12.Girls periods problemsWe can finally wear our white dress without thinking of stain and la la la dance without worrying of pad changing its position.

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