This Turkish Airline Video of Kavitha Kanaparthi Is An Inspiration To Us All..!!


Turkish Airlines, which has built its brand through innovation and imagination, with an intent to inspire others who try to make their dreams come true, has come up with this inspiring story of Kavitha Kanaparthi.
Kavitha Kanaparthi, an Indian accomplished athlete, who crosses continents on a bicycle and can run over 100 KM at one go. Her story encompasses how sports became her primary passion and what everyone can learn about life by achieving goals.
As a child, Kavitha dreamt of becoming India’s first ever female pilot. But in her teenage years, Kavitha was diagnosed with vertigo after a traffic accident, and realized that her dreams of becoming a pilot were over.
However, raised in a sports-loving family, Kavitha found joy in running very early in her life and decided to make sports her new passion.
Kavitha’s story, which depicts her dedication to excellence, will inspire everyone, especially women. The story, filmed against the stunning beauty of the Bangalore, Ooty and Yelagiri regions, is a wonderful addition to the Delightful Stories Project Of Turkish Airlines.