5 Beverages To Warm You Up This Winter

Most of us love to drink something hot when its chilled outside and the easiest beverages we could probably think of is chai or coffee if not, then some alcohol. But for a change let’s make it a bit cold or you can say room temperature beverages, as I’ve promised in the hot beverages article. The ingredients in these cold beverages will make your body feel warm because yay it has little liquor to keep it simple let’s call them cocktails and you can probably call them seasonal cocktails because winter is the best season to try out these cocktails.

This article would be like a treat to all those out there who love to drink cold beverages so, here is a list of cold drinks that make you feel warm during cold weather.


5 Beverages To Warm You Up This Winter

It’s the best time to enjoy this drink as you gather up with your buddies or family to have a fun time. Basically, this drink consists of Cranberry and Rosemary so you can also call it Cranberry and Rosemary Sangria but it’s too long. This is one of the easiest drink to make just chop, add, stir and gulp it! If you know how to prepare a Sangria then its better and the easiest, Cranberry is for more of a holiday flavor and Christmas look. Make everything Red!

Winter Old-Fashioned

5 Beverages To Warm You Up This Winter

This is the right drink for those who believe that old is gold and follow the old school is the new school trend. This drink is made in the old man’s style (not really, for me), on the rocks, stir it and small sips. Just enjoying it raw, authentic and the way it is. All you need is some whiskey, cinnamon sticks, sugar, lemon, water and you can add your favorite sweet flavors like cherry. That’s it, simply superb!

Sparkling Apple Cider Sangria

5 Beverages To Warm You Up This Winter

If you’re thinking of a brunch party at your place and inviting quite a few people, then this is the perfect drink to make. It’s classy and can be made in a pitcher quantity and Sangria is just a winter season drink. This drink consists of apples, of course, some vanilla and caramel as these make your cider into a perfect cocktail. Just not to make it sweeter skip the sugar as apple cider is sweet enough for adults you want it balanced.

Red Nose Punch

5 Beverages To Warm You Up This Winter

As soon as you see the word red in any drink you tend to think it’s made using red wine, no! This drink has 0 percent wine but if you think you can make one, good for those who prefer drinking wine. This cocktail has Beer and Bourbon, you could also call this drink as Beer Bourbon punch. This drink balances sweet and tangy tastes but there is more to this, to add a little bit of spiciness you can infuse it with cinnamon syrup. Cranberry juice adds sweetness and the lime makes it tangy, you can also add cranberries just like that so that you don’t have to put efforts on chewing something separately, also it makes the cocktail look appealing.

Winter Cranberry Martini

5 Beverages To Warm You Up This Winter

Those who love white spirits or are gin and tonic lovers (me!) this cocktail is something which I would suggest to all of you. This cocktail is infused with cranberry syrup and gin with a few other things like Rosemary that can be used for garnishing and cranberries, like the berry-berry. If you wish to make in a large quantity then add water and sugar. The color of this drink is the best to give you the perfect festival vibes because of the red color.

Hope you realized that in almost every drink there were cranberries, wondering why? Winter feels da! Hope I Have fulfilled my promise.

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