KFC Drops Its Iconic Tagline Amidst The COVID-19 Outbreak!


KFC or Kentucky Fried Chicken is one of the most famous fast-food chains across the globe. No chicken lover can imagine a world without KFC. Yes, we are that obsessed with this place. What makes this place iconic is that there is no fast-food chain in the world that can beat its glorious fried chicken. What started as a small company, trying to make its own place in the food business, is now a giant epicentre for food.

1 Kfc Drops Its SloganThis pandemic has changed our lives beyond imagination. One of the worst-hit organizations has to be the food sector. COVID-19 has restricted all of us to our homes. It has changed our lifestyle in general and food habits in particular. We have stopped stepping out of our homes and even stopped eating at our favourite cafes and restaurants.
Several organizations have come forward to spread awareness about this. Restaurants and similar brands started to adapt to measures to talk about the need for the right perception to fight. There are changes made the way these organizations advertise. One bold move came from KFC, which dropped down its quintessential tagline, ‘It’s finger-licking good’ because of the Corona pandemic.

2 Kfc Drops Its SloganThis decision was declared on the brand’s social media pages, and this decision of dropping the 64-year old tagline was welcomed with much warmth. This was truly done to promote cleanliness and hygiene which is a prerequisite in this pandemic. KFC also clarified that this move is temporary and their good old tagline will come back when things are better and perhaps when finger-licking can be done without the fear of falling sick.