6 Kinds of girlfriends that almost every man has had at some point…!!


A recent study has revealed that men have twice the number of partners a woman has in a lifetime. If we do our math right, it means the men have twice the number of experiences with their girlfriends. We list down six types of girlfriends a guy will have had in their lifetime:

The Possessive Girlfriend:
giphyThe possessive girlfriend is the one who all the boys run far far away from. But this is the type every guy will eventually date too.
She gets jealous every time you talk to another girl. Even if she is her half your age cousin.
She checks your phone without your knowledge.

The “I cannot do anything without you” Girlfriend:
giphy (1)This is the type of girlfriend who believes in “Saath khayenge, saath peeyenge”. Her favorite phrase is ‘Not without my boyfriend’.
She drags you to all her friends parties. If you don’t go she cancels her plans too.
She won’t let you go alone even for a boys night out!

The “Let’s get married” Girlfriend:
giphy (2)Some girls are hopeless romantics. They believe so much in love that they tend to think all their current boyfriends are ‘The One’.
On your first day she says, “I’ve had dreams of my marriage since childhood”.

The Obsessive Cleanliness Disorder Girlfriend:
giphy (3)Common among females than males. The Obsessive Cleanliness Disorder of the girlfriend     can come in handy when the house is in a mess but most of the times it can be annoying.
She complains about your room being in a mess all the time.
She starts to clean when you take a leak break.

The Giver Girlfriend:
giphy (4)Selfless is her middle name. You don’t often meet this kind of girlfriend. She will go out of her way to give you want you truly desire.
One omelette in the kitchen will be cooked the way you like and eaten together.

The Independent Girlfriend:
giphy (5)Times are fast changing. Girls are becoming independent and are willing to live on their own terms.
Symptoms –
Career ranks over the relationship in her priority list.