The KINGS Of Tamil Cinema


Tamil cinema is as huge and big a Telugu cinema. The set of actors there are each big in their own ways. While we have all of them doing different kinds of cinema, here we tried to categorize them into what they are best at.

Rajinikanth – King of Style


Should I need to mention separately about this tag. Who doesn’t agree the fact that Thalaiva is indeed the king of style

Kamal Hasan – King of Experiments

kamal hassan

Something very special about the Ulanganayagan which makes him stand out is his experiment with everything cinema. Irrespective of success or failure of the movies, this legendary actor never takes a step back in experimenting with his characters, story, making, narration and many aspects related to film making.

Vijay – King of mass comedy


Generally going by filmy tradition in our country, the duty of a mass hero is to save the heroin and the remaining cast from the bad villians and beat them black and blue. But, it was Vijay who broke this tradition and proved that a mass hero can excel in doing comedy as well. Everybody has to agree that Vijay has got extraordinary comedy timing which is not possible for most of the mass heroes.

Ajith – King of trend setting


It was a high time when other lead stars were opting for wigs, hair related surgeries and stuff to look young in films. But, it was Ajith who broke this myth with his salt and pepper look in Mangatha. Through Vaali he proved that a lead actor need not always be a good guy, he could be bad one too. Ajith always sets a few path breaking trends through his movies.

Vikram – King of transformation

vikram Iru Mugan

Vikram is one such versatile actor of South who goes to any extent to give his 100% to any character he chooses to take up. Look into Vikram’s filmography and we will realise that this actor has put in a lot of dedication and effort in transforming himself completely into the roles he chooses.

Madhavan – King of attraction

Madhavan has a grace to attract audience to whatever character he does. From a lover boy in Alaipayuthe to writer in Kannathil muthamittal then as a gunda in Ayutha Ezhuthu and very recently as a boxing coach in Irundhi suttru, he always won our hearts with his charming looks and great performances. Surely Madhavan has got some unique magnetic power to attract any set of audience towards him.

Suriya – King of Romantic songs

suriya son of krishana


All thanks to his music directors for giving Suriya wonderful music numbers and his directors from presenting him so well. Take any movie of Suriya and you will have atleast one song in your play list as your all time favourite song and most of them being Romantic numbers.

Dhanush – King of boy next door image


Dhanush should really be appreciated for his decision making talent. He chooses those roles which suit his personality and body language. He always mesmerized us with characters that were very much near to reality and most of them being boy next door type of characters.

Vishal – King of karuppu mass


Many think people with dark skin tone cannot do well in cinema. But, Vishal proved it all wrong with his good success. Though dark, he attracts many audience with his attitude, acting and mass flavour in his films.

Sivakarthikeyan-King of expressions


Sivakarthikeyan expressions are something to die for. The type of expressions he renders while dancing or during scenes are so apt and sync with the situation that you can’t stop appreciating him. Apart from this he can also be applauded for his dialogue delivery skills with comedy timing with a pinch of sarcasm.

Silambarasan – King of controversies


I don’t know if it is good or bad luck of Simbhu, but unfortunately whatever he does turns to be a huge controversy like never before. He just does what he wants to but no idea why people create a huge fuss about it

Arya – King of versatility


We loved him as a good for nothing type of guy in Boss Engira Baskaran, as a responsible husband in Raja Rani, as a rugged guy in Avan Ivan and a fierce Aghora in Naan Kadavul. Let it be comedy, emotion or villain-ism, Arya has always surprised us with his versatility.