Know Here How Much These Malayalam Actors Charge Per Film


Actors with their charisma and style continue to wow their audience. However, for them acting is not just a passion. It is also a means of living and they get some huge bucks to exhibit their talent on screen.

Ever since the inception of cinema, the amount that actors charge for their films has been a topic that has continued to be under speculation. When it comes to Malayalam actors, they are not far behind their Hollywood and Bollywood contemporaries.

Take a look at some of the highest paid actors of Mollywood.



Considered to be the most loved actor of Malayalam cinema, he is also the highest paid actor of Mollywood. Sources reveal that he charges close to Rs.  3 crores for a movie. However there have been times when he did not charge certain film makers any fee but instead got a part of the distribution rights of the movie.


Being extremely choosy about the projects that he works for, Mammootty in spite of being at par with Mohanlal as far as talent is concerned, lags a tad behind when it comes to remuneration per film. It is believed that Mammookka charges about Rs. 2 to 2.5 crores per film.



A mimicry artist turned actor, Dileep endeared himself to the audience with his impressive comic timing and hilarious one liners. Considered to be in league with Lalettan and Mammootty, he charges close to Rs. 2.25 crores for a movie.



Prithviraj with his immense good looks and muscular body managed to wow the Malayalam audience both as a romantic hero as well as a serious actor. Having dished out many hit films in his short career span, he is a much sought after actor and charges Rs. 1.3 to 1.6 crores for each film.

Kunchako Boban

Kunchako Boban5

After making his foray into Malayalam movies as a lover boy, thanks to his chocolate boy image, Kunchako endeared himself to the female audience with his enamoring smile and romantic antics. Over the years, he proved his mettle in both comic and serious roles. Presently he charges close to Rs. 1 crore for a movie and has matured to more drama oriented characters.

Fahad Fazil

Fahad Fazil3

Better known as director Fazil’s son, Fahad is the new entrant into Mollywood and has carved a niche for himself with his performances. It is believed that he charges between Rs. 60 to 80 lakhs per film.

Dulquer Salman

Dulquer Salman2

This prodigal son of Mammootty easily made it into the limelight with his style which is world part from that of his father. With a number of hits under his belt, he charges Rs. 62 to 70 lakhs per film.



He has wowed the Malayalam audience time and again with his comic roles as well as serious ones. Considered to be one of the most bankable actors of his times, he continues to make his presence felt in Mollywood with his films. He charges about Rs. 60 lakhs per film.

The Malayalam film industry is fast evolving with new breed of actors making their foray into films and changing the whole concept of movies. Here is hoping that there will be more actors who would keep the audience entertained and give them reason to venture to cinema halls.