Know Your Neighbor Part 2: Very Interesting & Must Try Items In Food Street Bangalore

Bangalore is home for many Telugu people. Also, it’s one of our favourite weekend destinations to hang out with friends. So, here is some quick information about the famous food street in Bangalore, which is a must-visit destination to feast your tummies.

VVpuram, also known as ‘Thindi Beedi’ comes alive after 7 PM with a variety of street foods! It is a small street with around 20 shops located near Lal Bagh. Different kinds of Chaat, tiffins, sweets, savouries and drinks are available there. Skipping the routine items, the following are some unique specialities of Food street that you need to must try.

1. Congress Bun & Honey Cake

Food Street Bangalore

As you enter the food street, the first shop that comes into sight is VB Bakery. Their popular food items are Congress bun and Honey cake. Congress bun is filled with masala peanuts and butter while the honey cake is moist and melts in the mouth!

2. Masala Papad

Food Street Bangalore
After stepping out of the bakery next thing that grabs your attention is the aroma of a roasting papad. There is a small bandi which serves Masala Papad. The papad is very crunchy and feels fresh. It’s definitely worth a try!

3. Potato Twist

Food Street Bangalore
This just tastes Yummmm! They make this by frying the twirl cut potato after dipping it in a flavoured batter. With a sprinkle of peri peri, it is served on a stick and is very tasty.

4. Rasagulla Chat

Food Street Bangalore
It is a very popular item of food street. It is a cold chat that is made with two rasgullas, which have not been dipped in sugar syrup and is placed in a puddle of sweet curds with a thick lassi like texture to it. To that is added chaat powder, chilli powder, boondi, shredded coriander, and some pomegranate seeds plus cashews.

5. Coconut Jaggery Obbattu

Food Street Bangalore
These are almost found everywhere in Karnataka. Highly popular and very tasty sweet. Its filling is delicious with the right amount of sweetness. Coconut and jaggery is a great combination.

6. Thatte Idly With Ghee

Food Street Bangalore
Woah! you will start drooling just by hearing the name of it. It’s a super soft jumbo sized idly. I bet you would never have tasted an idly so soft and delicious. Try this and you won’t regret! Ask with ghee.

7. Fruits with Ghulkhand

Food Street Bangalore
At the end of the street, you can find people in the queue for this treat! Fruits with Ghulkhand! Watta combination sir Ji! It’s surely worth a try and tastes great! It is also served with ice cream.

8. Variety Of Drinks

Food Street Bangalore
After having so much food, one feels like gulping a nice refreshing drink! There are many options in food street like Masala coke, Variously flavoured sodas, Fruit juices, lassi etc. Grab a drink according to your mood and enjoy!

Next time you visit Food Street in Bangalore don’t forget to try the above items! Also, comment below your favourites

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