Ankusham To Arundhati: Director Who Gave Us Unique Movies And Set Standards In TFI Is No More

Adi 1982 22nd April, theatres lo Chiranjeevi movie release aindi. Appati varaku Chiru movies evi kuda antha blockbuster avaledu kani aa movie matram FDFS taruvatha manchi talk tho sensational hit aindi. Aa movie ‘Intlo Ramayya Veedilo Krishnayya’ ee movie tho Chiranjeevi lanti hero ki stardom ni isthe, oka ace director ni industry ki parichayam chesindi kuda ee movie eh. Aa director marevero kadu mana Kodi Ramakrishna garu, ee movie tho telugu cinema lo tana journey start chesina ‘Kodi Ramakrishna’ garu chala days nundi konchem unhealthy ga untu ee roju chanipoyaru.

Over 3 decades ki paiga Telugu, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam and Kannada languages lo 100+ movies direct chesina ee director, telugu cinema ki Graphics and VFX ni parichayam chesaru anduke andaru iyanani ‘Pioneer of VFX and Graphics in TFI’ antaru. Late 80’s and 90’s lo Chiranjeevi, Balakrishna, Venkatesh and Rajashekar lanti heroes ki industry hits icharu ee director.

TFI lo tana movies tho standards set chesina Kodi Ramakrishna gari remarkable journey okasari chuseddam.

1. Intlo Ramayya Veedilo Krishnayya: He gave first blockbuster to Megastar Chiranjeevi

RIP Kodi Rama Krishna garu

Kodi ramakrishna gari ki director ga debut movie idi. First movie thone blockbuster kottadame kadu Chiranjeevi ki stardom ni tecchi pettina movie idi.

2. Mangammagari Manavadu: Balayya and Kodi Ramakrishna most successful hero-director duos at that time.

RIP Kodi Rama Krishna garu

Ee super hit movie tho start aina Balakrishna and Kodi Ramakrishna journey aa taruvatha Muvva Gopaludu, Muddula Krishnaiah, Muddula Mavayya ila enno super hits ichadu mana Balayya babu ki Kodi Ramakrishna garu.

3. Ankusham: Movie which turned Rajasekhar as Angry Young Man

RIP Kodi Rama Krishna garu

Appati varaku Kodi Ramakrishna garu chesina movies oka etthu ee movie oka etthu. Honest cop role lo hero Rajasekhar ki ee movie appatlo pedda breakthrough ivadame kadu Angry Young Man ane birudu ni tecchi pettindi.

4. Ammoru: Movie which established the trend of mythological fantasy films with finest visual effects in TFI at that time.

RIP Kodi Rama Krishna garu

Mottham commercial movies nadustunna aa time lo Kodi Ramakrishna garu Soundarya (launchpad for her) ni heroine ga petti chesina experimental film ‘Ammoru’. Movie got huge attention at that time and even telugu states lo ladies antha theatres lo nijanga Ammoru pujalu chesaru ante nammuthara.

5. Pelli: Claimed as a small movie but went huge hit at box office and even won 2 filmfare awards

RIP Kodi Rama Krishna garu

Big budget unna movies eh kadu aa time lo Vadde Naveen and Maheshwari ni lead roles lo petti Kodi Ramakrishna garu chesina small movie Pelli. Zero expectations tho start aina ee small movie huge hit avadame kadu aa year lo ee movie ki two filmfare awards kuda vachayi.

6. Devi: Movie which prove why we call him as a ‘Pioneer of VFX and Graphics in TFI’

RIP Kodi Rama Krishna garu

1999 lo vachina ee movie tho Kodi Ramakrishna garu malli mythological fantasy ni try chesaru. Again this movie also claimed as a huge hit with finest visual effects and graphics.

7. Devi Putrudu: A Typical Socio-Fantasy with finest visual effects.

RIP Kodi Rama Krishna garu

Ee typical socio-fantasy movie sariga adaledu kani ee movie content and story paranga chala fast forward subject ane cheppali. And ee movie climax lo vacche graphics ippudu chusina chala interesting ga anipisthayi.

8. Anji: First telugu movie which won National Award for stellar special effects at that time.

RIP Kodi Rama Krishna garu

1997 lo launch aina ee movie three years ki paiga special effects work chesaru. And those stellar special effects are worth wait and for that won National Award for special effects at that time. And state government Nandi Award kuda vachindi ee movie lo special effects ki.

9. Arundhati: Movie which recreated magic of ‘Ammoru’ of late 90’s and set standards of TFI with special effects again.

RIP Kodi Rama Krishna garu

Then Ammoru and Arundhati in 2009, this time he tried fantasy and horror genres together. Heroine oriented movie with next level special effects and this movie became second highest grossing Telugu film of all-time.And this movie took lion share in 2009 Nandi Awards by winning 10 awards for various departments.

10. Nagarahavu: Epic Kannada Fantasy film which shown Vishnuvardhan in CGI effect as he died in the mid of shoot.


Kodi Ramakrishna garu direct chesina ee Kannada movie madhyalo unnappudu Vishnuvardhan garu chanipoyaru. But Kodi Ramakrishna garu wanted to release movie at any cost so he digitally recreated CGI version of deceased actor Dr.Vishnuvardhan and released film with the help of CGI team which is feast for fans to watch their favorite star even after he died.

Kodi Ramakrishna the director who tried hand in different stories and movies is no more. His contribution towards telugu cinema is unparalleled and remarkable.

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