A 28 Year Old Guy From Suryapet Is Invited To America’s Most Popular Show ‘America’s Got Talent’


America’s Got Talent – worldwide unna different and unique talents ni showcase cheyadam lo ee platform pettindi peru. Unique singing, dancing, comedy, novelty acts and shocking talents unna varu ee show lo participate chesi huge prize gelchukuntaru.Now ee show lo participate cheyadaniki Nalgonda, Suryapet lo unna 28 year old Kranthi ki call vachindi.

Kranthi-Drillman Of India

Kranthi who is known as a ‘Drillman of Hyderabad’ by locals and others is all set to showcase his shocking talent on America’s Got Talent stage. Inthaki aa shocking talent enti ane kada mee doubt?

Kranthi-Drillman Of India

Aa talent enti ante Kranthi drilling machine tho tana body lo few selected parts lo drill chesuko galadu. Andulo unique em undi anukuntunara okay akkadike vastunam, atanu drill chesukunna taruvatha pinch of blood loss kuda jargadu. Aa ‘What the hell’ ani serious avoddu ee shocking talent eh valle ippudu US lo show invitation vachindi.

Kranthi is a postgraduate student in political science and his goal is to become a IAS Officer but not a stunt man. Kranthi is popularly known for his heroic and evil stunts, not only drilling into his nose, he also performs stunts like inserting 32 long and thin knives into his mouth. He even hurt himself by hitting nails into his nose, ila ippati varaku different evil stunts ni US, Singapore and Malaysia countries lo 300+ shows lo perform chesadu.

Now it’s time to showcase his evil stunts for one of the world’s most popular show on television

Kranthi-Drillman Of India

This is not first time he’s going to perform on stage, but he did it N number of times before. Kani ee sari chesthunna platform kotthadi infact chala peddadi kuda. We hope he’ll return to us with something we will talk and share again.

All The Best Kranthi

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