Kuch Kuch Hota Hai And The Life Truths It Showed Us


Released around two decades ago, this is one film we’ve all loved watching as kids. Be it the “I’m Cool” chain of SRK, the tomboyish Kajol’s hairband, or the fetish for basketball, we loved it for many a reason. Well, that’s not all. This movie had yet another thing that brought to the surface the hard truth that girls can be friend zoned too. Well, that’s not what we’re gonna discuss now. This is about the all too familiar characters of KKHH that you get to meet in the most unexpected place – your office. Tell us how many of them have you found in your workspace, and do add on if we missed any 😉

Ms. Briganza:  


The old lady who refuses to age (read act her age). From tank tops to mini skirts, you can see her flaunt her once fab looks. And ufff the make-up. But, well she does manage to impress the cool dudes of her age in the office even if she irks the rest.

Mr. Malhotra:


The old man who acts like a love-struck teenager around the aunty of the office (Ms. Briganza), or for that matter any girl. Struck by numerous arrows of cupid, this one is forever in love with some damsel or the other.

Anjali Khanna:


The over enthu intern or new joinee, who tries to get involved in random sh*t and impossible task. I mean which eight-year-old will venture to play cupid for her dad?


3The tomboy who is most likely to be spotted in the smoking zone than the pantry. To spot this one, hover your eyes over which girl is seen to be comfortable with guys and  not hit on in spite of her physical charm.


6Heart-throb of the office, but forget it, ‘coz most offices don’t have one, and even if they do, shez not gonna talk to you 😛

Aman Mehra:

4The charmer. Despite all the signs of being the Mr. Perfect, he might be overshadowed by attention seeking Rahuls at work.


5Not the most liked person in the workspace, nobody would accept it though. But honestly, who would like a guy that steals all the limelight, is so self-centered, wears chains that say “I’m Cool” just to impose that he is, and tries to show off that he is the know it all?