Lakshmi Manchu’s ‘Memu Saitham’ Aims To Bring A Difference In Commoner’s Lives


After making a foray into Telugu Television with her mark of shows, Manchu Lakshmi has now taken a step higher. This time she has chosen not to just cash in with her shows, but to make a little difference. A difference which could be minute in a celebrity’s life but bring a huge difference in a commoner’s life.

Inspired from the Hindi show ‘Mission Sapne’, Lakshmi has taken the initiative to rope in celebrities and spare their one day’s time to work on behalf of people who have been facing difficulties due to to fateful reasons.

For being the celebrities they are, they don’t need more publicity. Taking their time out and sparing a day is not just giving them an extra income on a given day, but it is giving them a hope on aiming to make their lives better. It is about encouraging them to get on with their lives and support their families and not losing their spirit to for a brighter future.

The show which kicked off on April 2nd has already garnered great response and looks to be promising for the episodes to come. Rana Daggubati took the khakhi attire in carrying some vegetable bags and earning some bucks. Similarly various celebrities will be picking up some real life roles in order to help their bit.

Here take a sneak peak into what these celebrities would be doing in this show for a  social cause.

Rana Daggubati – Coolie


Nani – Mechanic


Regina – Saleswoman


Akhil – Autodriver


Rakul Preet – Vegetable Vendor


Shreya – Worker at a supermarket 


Lavanya Tripati  – Juice vendor


Mohan Babu – Tiffins stall vendor