7 Lesser Known Facts About The Superstar Of Kannada Cinema, Upendra


His name is enough to give you some insights into the different kind of cinema we are always treated with. Yes, Upendra, one in many kinds of an actor that he is. More than the actor, you should appreciate him for the writer that he is. Not everyone will agree with me on this, but his ideology and the thought process that goes behind his scripts and characters is of a different level altogether. Even Rajinikanth mentioned that there is no actor who can think like Upendra.

When speaking about the thoughts he puts into his movies, it does not fall in the Stephen Spielberg or SS Rajamouli sorts of a grandeur out of the world imagination. He pricks you with your basic instincts as humans, your desires, your egos and emotions. Playing with these simple yet relatable things in his style, he has emerged to be one of the biggest stars ever from the Kannada Film industry. Here we bring you some of the lesser known facts about Upendra.






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