11 lessons from the Bhagawad Gita


Bhagawad Gita is a scripture that is a conversation between Lord Krishna and Arjuna. When a confused Arjuna turned to his charioteer, Lord Krishna, for advice at the Kurukshetra, Lord Krishna stated some rational philosophical concepts that are relevant even today.Matterr

Here are some life lessons that are extremely important today and in future too.

1. Whatever happened, happened for the good. Whatever is happening, is happening for the good. Whatever will happen, will also happen for the good.BhagavadGita 1
2. Attachment or aversion to Sense objects are the cause of misery.BhagavadGita 2
3. Change is the law of the universe. You can be a millionaire, or a pauper in an instant.BhagavadGita 3
4. For the soul, there is neither birth nor death. A fearless soul has nothing to worry about, because it knows it cannot be caged, and nor can it be stopped. Thus, the fear of death is absurd, as our souls don’t die.BhagavadGita 4
5. You came empty handed, and you will leave empty handed.BhagavadGita 5
6. Lust, anger and greed are the three gates to self-destructive hell.BhagavadGita 6
7. Do your duty and be detached from its outcome, do not be driven by the end product, enjoy the process of getting there.BhagavadGita 7
8. From anger comes delusion; from delusion, confused memory; from confused memory the ruin of reason; from ruin of reason, man finally perishes.BhagavadGita 8
9. As fire is covered by smoke, mirror by dust and embryo by the amnion, so is knowledge covered by desire.BhagavadGita 9
10. Money mind cannot meditate.BhagavadGita 10
11. We should not think about how big or small can we really make things. All this is materialistic and engages people in tensions and greedy activities. It makes one profit oriented. Thinking about yours or mine also does the same. All the life we make and collect things for ourselves. This really doesn’t make a difference when we leave this world. We all are turned into ashes after death.BhagavadGita 11