Lets Look At Some Epic Super Hero Characters Introduced by the Legend ‘Stan Lee’

Stanley Martin Lieber AKA Stan Lee ga athani peru prapanchaniki parichayam. Stan Lee tana teenage lo oka Pharma company ki Sandwich deliver boy ga, aa taruvatha inko office lo office boy ga untu writer kavali ani kalalu kannadu.

Manaku telisina prapancham okati atanu manaki chupinchali anukuna prapancham inkokati. Ala 1939 lo ‘Timely Comics’ division of Pulp Magazines tho kalisi small comic writer ga career start chesaru Stan Lee. Text filler “Captain America Foils the Traitor’s Revenge” ane book tho comic book writer ga Stan Lee tana career start chesadu.

1941 lo ‘Destroyer’ book atani first superhero book and Next tanu rasina fantasy fictional characters books tho Timely comics ni totalga ‘Marvel Comics’ ga marchesadu. 40’s nundi ippativaraku atani comics ki prapancham antha dasoham aindi. Atani comics tho mana since decades nundi kids, adults all age gropus varini entertian chesina Stan Lee ika leru. May be he’s not with us but his childrens will be remain with us forever.

Let’s have a look at some iconic and epic superhero characters introduced by Stan Lee.


1 - spider

Spider-Man is Marvel’s most successful character of all time and the most profitable comic book character ever

2. X-Men

2 - x men

The X-Men are possibly the most widely recognized superhero team among any age group in the world

3. Iron Man

3 - iron man

Iron Man has an interesting history among fans. Stan Lee initially created him as a vehicle to explore Cold War themes, such as the role of American technology and business in the fight against communism.

4. The HULK

4 - the hulk

In 1962 Stan created a Hulk character for the first time but some reasons valla adi limelight loki raledu. Stan Lee has stated that the character was inspired by a combination of “Frankenstein” and “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” both stories which also feature a brilliant scientist who creates a monster.


5 - thor

HULK character ki vacchina overwhelming response taruvatha Stan Lee wanted to create a character “stronger than the strongest person” and realized that the only way to do that was to make him a god and the result is THOR.

6. Doctor Strange

6 - doctor starnge

Everytime i hear his name lot of cheers and whistles by people watching him in theatres comes to my mind, full impact unna superheroes characters Doctor Strange okati.

7. Black Panther

7 - black panther

He’s one of the smartest, richest and most deadly humans in the Marvel universe. Stan Lee has said that the name came from a pulp adventure hero who has a black panther as a helper.

8. Scarlet Witch & Quicksilver

8 - scarlett witch

She is a weird and tana twin brother Quicksilver tho kalisi first negative characters ga introduce aina aa next Avengers side fight chesi ee iddaru positive superhero characters ga mararu.


9 - ant man

Stan Lee created Ant-Man with his brother Larry Lieber and artist Jack Kirby in 1962 for “Tales to Astonish” #27.

10. Fantastic Four

10 - fantastic four

Without these 4 people this list is incomplete, with this superhero characters Stan Lee and Jack Kirby introduced a new level of realism to the comic book genre. Breaking from the traditional superhero archetype, these characters were flawed, argued with each other, dealt with self-doubt and made mistakes.

11. Silver Surfer – Stan Lee’s favourite character

11 - sliver surffer

Hulk, Ant man, Ironman lanti superheros kadu Stan lee’s all time favorite superhero from his characters is Silver Surfer.

Enno comics vatilo superhero, evil characters tho world cinema ni rule chesina Stan 1971 lo events, awards ceremony lo active ga participate chesthu public face ga maripoyadu. Ithanu Hollywood ki icchina comics ki ganu Hollywood varu honor ga ‘Hollywood Walk of Fame’ and Lifetime Saturn award and Hugo award ila atanu tiskoni awards ea levu.

RIP true Marvel ‘Stanley Martin Lieber’


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