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Lets Take A Look At Few ‘India’s First’ Innovations And Events In 2018


Like ever before 2018 could be the most successful and greatful one for our nation and us. Ee year lo Railways, Urbanisation, Agriculture ila prati vishayam lo every state tama daggara unna resources ni use chesukoni, some new innovations and events lantivi try chesi success aina incidents chala unnayi.

Mari ee year lo jargina ‘India’s first things ento once check cheseddam.

1. India’s First All Women Railway Station – Matunga, Mumbai.

India's First Innovations

Women empowerment side steps vestuna mana country ee year starting lo for the first time TC, Stationmaster, Housekeeping ila railway station mottham women staff tho India lo first time full fledged womens tho Railway station ni Matunga, Mumbai lo open chesaru.

2. India’s First Solar Powered Railway Station – Guwahati, Assam

Solar power ni correct ga use cheskunte country lo electricity shortage age ki full stop petochu anna oka revolutionary thought ni apply chesthu Indian Railways Assam lo full fledged solar power equipped railway station ni introduce chesindi.

3. India’s First Insect Museum – Tamilnadu

Insects ki museum aa ani shock avoddu avi kuda manaku lage pranule. 5 crores tho ‘Bugs are Kings’ ane theme tho Tamilnadu government insects ki oka museum open chesindi. And ila insects ki museum open cheyadam India lo first time.

4. India’s First 14 Lane Highway – Delhi- Meerut

Delhi and Uttar Pradesh lanti populated cities madhya traffic and transport issues ni clear cheyadaniki NHAI for the first time 7,500 crores cost tho 14 lane highways ni successful ga complete chesi May 2018 lo inaugural chesindi.

5. India’s First Online Radio Station Launched – Radio Umang

Radio, internet prancham vachaka assala adi evaru vintunaru. Kani radio mida unna craze ni identify chesina Neeraj Tyagi ane atanu India lo first time online station launch chesaru. Play store lo unna ee app ni ippati varaku 5 million + listeners download cheskunaru.

6. India’s First Electric Locomotive Unit – Bihar

Indian Railways, french company help tho India lo for the first time Locomotives unit ni start chesindi. 12,000 Horsepower unde ee electric locomotives ni manufacture cheyadam ee unit lo jarugutayi and ivi Indian Railways ki oka pedda asset.

7. India’s First Cloned Buffalo Born – Assam.

Indian Council of Agricultural Research-CIRB, genetics technology ni use chesukoni for the first time oka cloning animal (Buffalo) reproduce cheyadam lo mana scientists success aiyyaru.

8. India’s First Floating Market opened – West Bengal

Ee january lo West bengal government South Kolkata lo unna Patuli lake lo floating market ni introduce chesindi. Like other markets ee market lo same prices undadam and chudadaniki attractive ga undadam tho ikkada visitors tho full busy untundi ee floating market.

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