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As Life Moves On, Nothing Dies Out , A Look At HCU After Rohith Vemula


By Shahamat Hussain

It has been more than two months since Rohith Vemula’s controversial suicide occurred at the University of Hyderabad campus. The protest held at ShopCom ( North Campus ) had seen thousands of people from Media, activists, famous politicians, artists and students from across the country. Now that the moment has taken a shift to JawaharLal Nehru University but the same place still carries the spirit of RohithVemula’s plead which continues unheard. The posters and slogans peaceful hung dry. The ‘Dalit Ghetto’ and the ‘RohithSmarakastupa’ which has the picture of beaming RohithVemula and the statue of BR Ambedkar intact loaded with the dry flowers.

The sayings will be marked for a destiny to come..!!

Rohith Vemula’s12

When everything seems to go back…!!

The murals speak for themselves…!!

Life and Death Becomes Just A Journey..!!

The placards are yet to fall down…!!

Where are the hopes..!!

Unassuming Story which says so much..!!

Demand But What Remains?

The flag will hoist in skies beyond..!!

Conscience counts for many memories..!!

As we remember everything what he stood for..!!

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