Life Lessons Only Your Best Friends Can Teach You In Your Twenties


Manaki different stages of life lo vere vere friends untaru, kani okkasari close ayyaka manatho touch loose avvani friends chala thakkuva untaru. So, they will be there for us lifelong. 20’s lo unnappudu mana paina friends impact ekkuva untundhi…Alanti time lo vallu edhi chepthe adhe cheyyalanipisthundhi. So let us check out some valuable things those “forever” friends share with us in the twenties!

  1. They teach you to believe in yourself and that you should strive to achieve what you really want from life.

your best friends

Manam career lo anukunnadhi achieve cheyyalememo ankunappudu vallu icche suggestions manaki chala dhairyanni isthay. Mana strengths ento gurthu chesthay!

  1. They teach you that not everyone who pretends to be your friend is really your friend.

your best friends

Fake friendship lo manam unnappudu vallu manatho godava padi mari, ah relation cut cheypinchestharu. Godavalocchina sare, they will be ready to face it!

  1. They teach you that people will come and go but those who matter will always be by your side.

your best friends

Chala mandhi friends mana life loki vasthuntaru, velthuntaru kani kontha mandhi no matter what, they will not leave us. Manam eh situation lo unna valla company manaki eppudu untundhi.

  1. They teach you how to laugh at yourself and not take life too seriously.

your best friends

Manam intlo jarige konni chinna chinna godavalaki kuda ekkuvaga react avthuntam. Alanti time lo Vallu ah dramatic situation ni funny ga marchesi…Manani chill chesthu untaru.

  1. They teach you that having a few great friends in your life is more important than surrounding yourself with people who really don’t care for you.

your best friends

They want us to be there for every important occasion in their life. Manane chala important ga consider chestharu. We will eventually know the value of their friendship.

  1. They teach you that you’re your own individual and that there’s no need to compare yourself to others.

your best friends

Manam low unnappudu mana lo unna specialities anni manaki cheppi manani encourage chestharu.

  1. They teach you how to put your faith in the right people and give it everything you’ve got.

your best friends

Manam life lo stuck aypoi undakunda, they help us to move on.

  1. They teach you how to make your own decisions and take responsibility for your actions.

your best friends

Manam intlo parents meedha over dependent unnapudu, they teach us how to get over it. Ala over dependent undadam valla elanti emotional problems untayo manaki clear ga explain chestharu. Manakem kavalo manani thelsukomantaru.

Ila mana nundi mana best version ni baitaki theesku radaniki they teach us many things. All the friends who were and who are giving a positive energy in the right age deserve a special place in heaven man!