Here’s How Lime Water Helps Us To Lose Weight & Stay Fit

Human body motham lo 60% water content untundi, water mana body health ki chala necessary and it is one the best liquid to keep our body hydrated. Water body lo unna toxins ni flush chesthundi, dehydration ni prevent chesthundi inka roju antha active ga undali antey water chala a avasaram. Most of the people water ni regular ga consume cheyaru eelanti vallaki chala health issues osthai, ee health issues avoid cheyali antey min 8-10 glasses of water daily basis’s lo paka thagali. Most of them plain water taste nachaka water avoid chestharu but there is simple trick u can now add some extra natural flavour for making it better and tasty. Lime juice ni regular ga water ki add chesthey chalu ee drink ki kuda chala health benefits unnai. Check this article to know more abt this lime water and its benefits.

1. Improves Digestion:

1-Weight Loss

Lime lo unna acidic nature saliva help tho food ni break down chesi body digestion ni improve chesthundi.

2. Helps Weight Loss:

2-Weight Loss

Excess cholesterol inka calories ni cut down cheyali antey lime plays a major role, eela body weight loss ni thagisthundi.

3. Reduces Heart Diseases:

3-Reduces Heart problems

Lime lo unna magnesium inka potassium heart health ni promote chesi heart diseases rakunda prevent chesthai.

4. Reduces Inflammation:

4-Reduces inflantation

Body lo unna inflammation thagali antey citric acid rice limes bidy ki chala manchivi.

5. Lowers Blood Sugar:

5-Reduces Sugar

Low glycemic index undadam valla lime water body blood sugar ni reduce chesthundi.

6. Fights Infections:

6-FIghts Infections

Vitamic C inka antioxidants rice unna lime water infections rakunda body ni protect chesthundi.

7. Rejuvenates Skin:


Lime water skin ni hydrate chesi skin ni rejuvenated ga chesthundi.

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