From Sr.NTR To Tiger Shroff: List Of 10 Indian Heroes Who Played The Role Of A Superhero On-Screen


Marvel Superheroes ante manaki pichi and DC vs Marvel Fan Wars kuda jarugutuntai antha craze superhero movies ante India lo. Ee craze ni chuse mana vallu kuda superhero franchise movies ni appudu appudu try chestuntaru but box-office daggara asalu work out kaavu. Hollywood superhero movies ante pichi ekki poye manam, mana indian superheroes ni matram asalu pattinchukomu except the one and only Krrish, ee okka superhero character ye India lo success aindi and ee franchise kuda hugely successful box-office daggara. Apart from this no Indian superhero became famous. Famous maata pakka pedithe asalki ee Indian superhero movies and aa characters chesina actors yevaro kuda chala mandiki idea vundadu. So just urike ala mana Indian Superheroes pai oka look veddam padandi…

1) Sr.NTR As Superman

2) Hrithik As Krrish

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3) Jeeva As Mask

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4) Shahrukh Khan As G.One

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5) Tiger Shroff As Flying Jatt

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6) Harshvardhan Kapoor As Bhavesh Joshi Superhero

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7) Paidi Jairaj As Superman – Return of Mr. Superman (1960)

8) Puneet Issar As Superman

9) Anil Kapoor in Mr. India (1987)

Whatsapp Image 2020 12 30 At 10.31.30 AmAnil Kapoor is an ordinary man who comes by a wearable device which can cloak him in invisibility. He uses this ability to fight Mogambo (Amrish Puri) who is hell-bent on destroying India. How he saves the entire subcontinent from this evil mastermind forms the crux of this movie.

10) Tusshar Kapoor as the Invisible Man in Gayab / Mayam (2004)

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