List Of Countries That Were The Most Happiest Amid The Pandemic

Happiness manam entha earn chesina….end of the day mental ga entha happy ga unnam anedi matters the most. Mari oka persona happy ga unnadu, athani happiness ni measure chesi cheppamante evaraina adi ela possible? Assala cheppalemu antaru evaraina.

Oka person gurinchi eh meeru ila ante United Nations (U.N) Every year oka survey chesi aa survey lo Happy ga countries list eh istundi. How it is even possible anukuntunara? Possible eh based on GDP Per Capita, Sustainability, Social Security & social support, trust and corruption, quality of life and generosity ilanti factors anni oka survey chesi United Nations happiest countries report chestundi every year.

Ila 2019 taruvatha Covid-19 pandemic vacchina taruvatha kuda despite of Pandemic, assala eh countries happiest ani UN oka survey chesindi…ee survey lo World countries ee March 2021 end ki oka report chesi ‘10 Countries Which Declared As Happiest In The World’ oka repot icchindi…mari aa countries ento oo chuseyandi mari…

10. Austria

AustriaWith high scores in life expectancy and GDP per capita tho compare chesi chusthe Austria janalu chala happy ga unnaru anta and ikkada janalu stress ni control cheyadaniki bikes esukuni regular ga tours ki veltharu.

9. Newzealand

NewzealandWarm ga receive chesukune janalu country lo unna nature ni save chesthu beaches and vineyards lo happy ga ga time spend chesthu eh matram oke okka life antu enjoy Kiwi people ki ee list lo 9th place..

8. Luxembourg

LuxembourgJust 6 lakh population unna ee country ee list lo undadaniki gala main reasons offers high salaries and a strong social security system to help its citizens after retirement.

7. Sweden

SwedenSweden is at 7th position after their social equality that is built into the education system, 16 months of paid family leave that can be split between a couple after a new child is welcomed into a family, and free day care also make Sweden the best country for women.

6. Norway

Norway2017 lo 1st place lo unna Norway ippudu 6th place lo undi with economic-well being, well-integrated government welfare system and a thriving economy lantivi Norway lanti small country ni the most happiest list lo 6th place lo unchindi.

5. Netherlands

NetherlandsMeeku telusa dutch childrens are the happiest kids in the world based on a number of metrics related to educational well-being, safety, and health. And ikkada janala kante kuda animals ekkuva untayi anta.

4. Iceland

IcelandHappy ga undadam el anedi Icelad janalani chusi nerchukovali anela untaru ikkada janalu. Jobs, Farming, social security, good governance and tourism, lantivi ee country lo main agendas ga pettukuni life ni lead chestharanta.

3. Switzerland

SwitzerlandIka ee list lo Swiss janalu 3rd place kottesaru…freedom to everyone in the country every citizens matlade right, tourists and other countries vallalki villu icche respect and happy ga undali ane oka major rule swiss map ni 3rd place lo pettindi.

2. Denmark

DenmarkDenmark tops 2nd in the list with life expectancy, social support, and generosity among them and it is home to the world’s most bike-friendly city. Also the country is highly committed to renewable energy production (39.1 percent of its energy was wind-generated in 2014.

1. Finland

FinlandBeating all others Finland, a small country tops the list with the happiest citizens in the nation who give uttermost importance to live happily, mental health, education and they believe in only work less, enjoy more motto.

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